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August 14, 2009

Funny thing happened at breakfast with Danni a few weeks ago…
Danni said, “I got this magazine in the mail and your name is on the cover.” 
I was a little perplexed and I said, “Really?!!” 
She said, “Yeah. It is called Artful Blogging, did you know? Have you seen it?”
I knew about that magazine as I was asked by the editor a few months back to submit some stuff, but I had yet to know the release and if/when I would receive my copy. Danni immediately retrieved her copy in the car and let me see it. I must say, I was pretty excited and now I am officially sharing it. I finally did receive my copy and we (Ben and I, even the girls) were just absolutely delighted at the whole thing. 

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If you want to see our little spread and read my article, as well as learn about other wonderful bloggers, you can pick up your copy at a local Borders or Barnes & Noble. I am so nerdy that I went to Borders to see if it had officially come out. When I finally saw it in the craft magazine section, and the little nerd blogger that I am, I had to lift the magazine twice from the shelf to make sure it was real. Yeah. I know. Like I said, I am kinda nerdy that way, but just absolutely elated. Wouldn’t you be?
It is such a blessing and all thanks be to God for providing such a wonderful opportunity. It isn’t me at all, but all God’s doing for real. I am just honored to be asked and in the company of such amazing artist. Amanda of Soulemama was once featured in their magazine and the fact that I get to be in a magazine that featured her, one of my favorite bloggers, well, I am just in awe. Can’t say it enough, thank you Lord!
I hope my energy is back today as I didn’t get crackin’ at anything until 9 o’clock last night when I finally started cleaning the dishes, then mopping kitchen, then organizing the family room, then watering the plants, etc. It was filthy and messy from the day and True kept telling me to clean (the dishes), but that didn’t happen until way after her bedtime. I seriously didn’t do very much yesterday, so good thing Ben was working from home. It was just one of those days, but I hope today isn’t.
Here’s to hoping for a more productive Friday…

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