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February 8, 2010

Remember, my best friend’s proposal? Well, the realness of her actually getting married is setting in. The invitations are done, so it is a bit more official. A group of us got together Saturday to crank out this completely whimsical invitations. Among the group was the ever so talented Danni, from Oh, Hello Friend, who helped translate what was in my head for the invite to a real life invitation.
I really wished I got a picture (jenny or danni do you have one?) of the mini-factory we had going on here as there were three sewing machines lined up, a happy tape assembly line for the bunting, and glue, paper, string, and stamps galore scattered all around. It was all utterly cute and utterly fun! We chatted, laughed, and crafted all afternoon long.
making the invitesmaking the inviteslinda's wedding invitationslinda's wedding invitations
Isn’t it so cute? Linda’s wedding is going to fun, fun, fun! I am so so excited!!! Next up for me, is to sew yards and yards of bunting to hang everywhere for the reception. Wish me luck…
Love day is almost here. Do you have your day planned or special treats lined up? I might (or might not). I am trying to keep Ben guessing here. Nevertheless, just being together with Ben is pure bliss, as long as there isn’t any fighting (*wink*). Here is a little Valentine I made for Ben a couple years ago and just in case you need a card to give to your special Valentine, you can download this card here.
valentine's day card
This talk of wedding and Valentine’s is definitely putting me in a lovely mood. I think we are going to blast some happy music and have fun crafting all day long.

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