the story of the weekend

May 10, 2010

Sunday we left the flea market and as we were driving away, True says, “Mommy! The O is stuck in my nose!” Sure enough, I look back and see one nostril is indeed a bit bigger than the other.
Ben and I quickly tell her, “Blow your nose!”
She tries, but doesn’t know how to blow her nose. Then we tell her, “Press one side down and try to blow out the open one.” We are both a smidge bit frantic as we are trying to guide her and after a couple attempts, I see this piece of O (cheerio) fly out of her nose onto her lap.
I exclaim, “It came out!” Just as I say that, I see True grab the O from her leg and put it in her mouth and eat it.
I yell with a huge burst of laughter, “Ben! She ate the O!” Simultaneously, Ben and I say, “Nasty!!!” We all drive off onto the freeway in a roar of laughter at the funny little episode that just took place.
happy girl
Oh kids are so funny (and nasty) sometimes…

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