a little piñata

June 7, 2010

At the community picnic yesterday, there was a piñata for all the kids, but with my girls being really shy, they did not want to participate. Though, as soon as we came home, True headed to her room to retrieve the little piñata that their grandmama got for them and she was trying to hang it so she and Brave could play. Ben and I decided to up their game a bit and actually put some goodies in it, hang it from the top of the stairs, and let them have a go at their own little piñata party. They had a blast!
the pinatathe pinatabrave and the pinatathe pinatatrue hitting the pinatathe pinata
I am glad my girls had fun having their own little piñata party at home. Maybe, we should practice with home piñata parties all the time, so they will be pros the next time they see one at a party!
Hello Monday!

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