sort-of ice cream recipe

August 18, 2010

My best friend shared this super easy, sort-of ice creamish recipe with me and now I am sharing it with you!
frozen bananas
whatever toppings your heart desires
1. Get some bananas, old ones work perfectly.
cut bananas
2. Chop up your bananas.
chop bananas
3. Freeze your bananas until completely frozen. I did mine overnight.
chop bananas and freeze
4. Stick in a blender.
blend frozen bananas
5. Blend until all mushed and resembles the consistency of ice cream.
blend frozen bananas
6. Add some toppings.
sort-of ice cream
For my girls’ scoops, I put some honey and sprinkles and mine was topped with some crunched ferrero rocher.
sort-of ice cream
7. Enjoy!
It definitely has a strong banana flavor, but it tastes yummy! Maybe next time I would add a scoop of vanilla before I blend it. I am sure there a lot more fun ways to add more to this recipe.
What are you snacking on this warm summer day?
p.s. last day for giveaway!

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