we partied hard

August 15, 2010

My momma was an especially happy girl! Everyone she loved was there and everyone involved did such a wonderful job (thank you to all who lent a helping hand or lovely words, we are so grateful!). It was a night full of love, entertainment and lots of fun! I just gotta say that I am not the singer of the family (the one in blue with red hair is but she forgot the words), and my voice quivers a lot when I have to sing in front of people, but we had fun putting together this little thing for our momma (and I hope you enjoy it too!). Here is a little tidbit of what went on…

Obviously, we are a silly bunch and we all love our momma a whole lot! Well now that the party is over, I am looking forward to a little more breathing room and some boredom. Yippee!!!

Have a good Monday!

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