trying to act natural

September 16, 2010

Yeah. still. can’t. do. it.
trying to act natural
I was laughing up a bunch and when I wasn’t laughing, Ben kept saying, “You look mad!” Seriously. It is kinda funny though. You should see the mad pictures! Plus, I cheated cause I snuck Soul into the picture with me. I will get there folks. I will get over this fear. It is just kinda funny while doing so…
me and soulie

Tonight I am dying my hair back to its natural color (at least on top). You know, when you are sitting in a salon and the stylist does your hair so beautifully and you tell them, “Can you do my hair every day?” Well, my sister is a stylist so that comes close, right? When I need a cut, color, trim, or get de-frizzified, I give her a call and she fits me into her books. Gotta love having a sister who’s a hair stylist. It’s the best!
dress: vintage from ms. tips
belt: thrifted
baby: mine
p.s. we are thinking of taking a road trip up to san francisco, portland, seattle, and maybe vancouver, so if you have any food, shopping, or stay recommendations please do share! we would like to stay somewhere nice, but won’t break the bank and we definitely want to try all the yummy food.

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  • Ms.Tips says:

    you two are the cutest! you look amazing in that dress:)

  • if you go to Portland you have to go to NW 23 it's a big block of great little boutiques along with a bunch of yummy restaurants you really can't go wrong with any of them. But husband and I especially loved Typhoons Thai. We just moved back from there to Cali and we are missing it a lot. Have fun

  • Jessica says:

    You should also try and make it to Victoria, BC! Its awesome and when I was there I stayed at The English Inn. Its beautiful hotel and has little cottages all around the hotel. There are rooms inside the hotel but in each cottage there are 3 or 4 rooms. I Would definitely recommend staying here.

    As for food, Rebar is a mostly vegetarian restaurant but everything is natural and fresh! Its so tasty! Also, the Tapa Bar is a must! So delicious.

    I know you didn't say Victoria but its worth a ferry ride from vancouver! The downtown area is so cute and has some great cafes! You should definitely visit sometime!

  • Rubyellen says:

    jessica- oh! i didn't know victoria was so close… we may have to stop there too! we are gonna be traveling gypsies for a bit it seems.

  • Ooh, so happy you're visiting Portland! My hubby and I had a “staycation” last year and stayed at the Bluebird Guesthouse in Southeast Portland. It's a super affordable B&B in a funky little neighborhood. We loved it!

  • Misha Lulu says:

    super cute both of you and the great assemble…ensmble, mmmm ..sorry something like that!

  • My fam and I stayed at the historical Benbow Inn in Garberville, CA. (When we did the non-traditional thanksgiving when El was in Iraq.) Very fun experience you guys would like it and the food is great. I just looked at the website and I never saw the golf course or RV resort… so I don't know… We stayed in the historical hotel. I wouldn't recommend staying there a long time maybe just one or two nights but its a great place to stop and enjoy and very close to beautiful scenic redwoods.
    Parents just went to victoria and took the ferry and tugboats and had so much fun.

    Miss you guys I'll send you pics from Benbow and around the area.


  • When in Portland you MUST stay at Mcmenimens Edgefield. It is the best place. Fun art and beautiful grounds to walk,run around in. Make sure you go to the Saturday Farmers Market at PSU. A must! Go to Pine State biscuts and pizza at kens artisan pizza in SE. I LOVE PORTLAND!

  • ringmaster says:

    great outfit!!!

    we are in socal and took a roadtrip this summer up the central coast to SF! i have lots of recommendations but one place you have to go to is
    it is west of paso robles between the 101 and the 1. it has the most amazing food. get the grilled vegetable pannini with herbed goat cheese! yum!!!

  • sue.shi says:

    Haha. Love it, baby:mine. I swear, you and your hubby make the cutest babies ever! Ever so adorable πŸ™‚

  • ricebabies says:

    Vancouver, here..would be happy to be a tour guide.

    Food..sushi..gotta have sushi while you are here.

    We also have eating to speak called roaming dragon (the best korean tacos)

    To see..the sea, the mountains…its all pretty here

  • Morgan says:

    Craziness! I live North of SF, but my little family (we have 4 kids 5 and under) and I have been contemplating a road trip to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. We should meet up…I think we would be friends! πŸ™‚

    PS You two are so pretty!

  • jozen says:

    one word (or is it two?) price line!!!

  • Thanks Ruby for the encouragement. I totally need it. Have fun planning. You'll probably be meeting up with Tiff, I'm sure she'll know what to visit there. Seattle is just beautiful! I'm sure you already know to visit Pike's Place. Fremont is a cool, hip area with lots of boutiques, a flea market, and fun eats. BTW, love the dress.

  • melindakimbo says:

    soul, what a great accessory.

  • You and your daughter are adorable! She has a lot of hair too!

    Little Sugar Monsterβ™₯

  • elle + josh says:

    we are fairly new to portland, but we LOVE it! i've heard great things about the bluebird guesthouse in SE portland. also, the hotel deluxe downtown is really fun. and if the kids are along, staying at the kennedy school in northeast would be really fun.

    make sure you check out some of the food carts. they offer some of the best food around, & that's saying alot for such an all-around foodie city. my favorite cart is moxie rx on n. mississippi, full of vintage charm.

    definitely check out the shops on 23rd & the pearl, but make it to the east side too–n. mississippi, alberta arts, & hawthorne!

  • Nicole says:

    Your smiling picture is so close to natural.
    In Seattle, you must go to Fremont and you must go to Paseo (!

  • leah says:

    Hi ruby!

    I live in the San Francisco bay, but I've been to Victoria- and it is gorgeous!! You must visit there..

    Also, if you do make it to San Fran- make sure to stop by ghirardelli square- to Kara's Cupcakes- their Chocolate Velvet Cupcakes are THE BEST EVER!!! (trust me!)

  • Amy says:

    Come to Portland!! I would highly recommend staying at McMenamin's Kennedy School, especially if you bring any of the littles. It's a rehabbed old elementary school that boasts several bars, restaurants, a soaking pool, games, grounds, a movie theatre in which you can eat and drink, etc. Plus, it's close-in so you can easily navigate the entire city by bus, train, bike (you should bring bikes!!) or foot. There are great restaurants near the hotel – Beast, Vita Cafe, Ciao Vito, Random Order, Firehouse – and fun shopping too along Alberta St. You guys seem like Eastsiders to me, but there is also much fun to be had in downtown as well. Feel free to reach out if you want more first-hand info.

  • Nicole says:

    I had the best ever falafel sandwich in Vancouver, not sure the exact name but it was in the West End area of the city and had Donair in the name. Maybe Donair King?

    Also you absolutely MUST MUST MUST try a nanaimo bar. No dessert has ever exceeded my expectations my like this one. Since you seem to love sweets you will die over this. I can not find them anywhere in SoCal, so now I have to make them when I'm having a craving. Seriously though I'd be super curious to see what you think of them.

    One last tip- don't pay to walk the Capilano Suspension bridge. Got to Lynn Canyon where you can go on a suspension bridge for free. It's a beautiful foresty place with waterfalls and such.

  • Nicole says:

    Woops my amazing falafel place is actually called Falafel King- here is the info
    1105 Davie St
    Vancouver, BC V6E 1N2
    Neighbourhood: West End
    (604) 688-5536

    BUT falafel are definitely not everyone's thing, haha

  • laura says:

    love love love this. love everything about it. you always manage to inspire. have a great weekend. x

  • Ruth says:

    You are as beautiful as always!!! — There are a ton of amazing places in Portland! We enjoy going to the original Pho Van's Restaurant tucked in a very unsuspecting part of town. ( If you want an amazing coffee shop to go to, head north of Portland, right over the bridge, to Vancouver, WA and stop at Paper Tiger Coffee! ( A hole in the wall, but EXCELLENT. I recommend the Theo Mocha. πŸ™‚

  • Miriam says:

    hello hello! Well, living in Portland, i can tell you that there is SO much to do and see. I work at a restaurant in SE called Slappy Cakes and you definitely should come in!! the kids would loooove it. You can make your own pancakes at the table! grills are built into the tables, you order from a bunch of different batters, order yummy sides to put in them, we give you spatulas and away you go! people get so creative and make crazy shape pancakes. it's super fun πŸ™‚ just a heads up that it's pretty busy on weekends and there's a bit of a wait! but weekdays are easy breezy. love your blog! and hope you have an amazing ROADTRIP! i love love all of the cities you're going to…have fun!

  • Chika-san says:

    hey! San Francisco is the place to be(ha ha ha). if you go you should visit:

    -Loving Cup
    -Mum and I like to go to the one on Polk because they have a lot of neat shops there!

    -Japan Town:
    a) Ichiban Kan
    22 Peace Plz # 540
    San Francisco, CA 94115-3622
    (415) 409-0472
    -I like to go here a lot with Mum when we want to get really cute things or everyday usage goods.

    b) Inside Kintetsu Mall( Pika Pika, Kinukoniya Bookstore and Stationary Store, Sophies Crepes)
    -I like to go here a lot with Mum when we want to get really cute things for school or gifts. Pika Pika is an awesome place to be if you are a lover of photobooths.

    Once you find Pika Pika Kinukoniya and Sophies will be in the same area! πŸ˜€

    I hope you have fun!

  • Chika-san says:

    Oh yea! for good eats in San Francisco for cheap you can go to are:

    -Brendas(Best Breakfast place I like to go to)

    Once you get here you have to put your name on a list just outside the door because they are packed sometimes. You also have to watch out for others who are waiting because they tend to cheat and scratch peoples names off. The food is delicious! You should get there early too. πŸ™‚

    -Frijtz(The yummiest burger joint on earth! The fries are Bomb too)

    I love coming here with Mom and Dad once in a while. Although it's just a BIT pricey, it IS WORTH IT! The dip for the fries are well made and the fries are just DIVINE. I don't want to even mention the burgers because i might drool as i type(ha ha ha). GO TO THE ONE IN THE Mission on Valencia.

    Right by them is a yummy “Bombay Ice Cream” joint I like to go to with my cousin. They have 50 different flavors i believe. My favorite is “Cardomum Rose”. You should try that too.

  • Britt O. says:

    I didn't get a chance to read all the comments but, I live in Portland and anyone who is crafty/artsy will end up on Alberta street at one point. You have to get there. It's in North Portland.

  • cecilia says:

    new reader here. great blog, so cool! portland: mcmenimens kennedy school is the best – stay in an old updated school! from what i see of your blog this would be a great fit. chalk boards in the rooms to write on, a theatre inside with chalk drawn movie posters, a salt water warm pool – seriously awesome. ferry over to orcas island? have fun.

  • maluhia22 says:


    When you are in Seattle let me know. We have to meet!
    Here's a hotel in the airport that I recommend very nice and affordable. Can't wait to meet you and your family!


  • Kim says:

    we stayed at edgewater seattle, booked through priceline and paid less than $80 a night. it's niiiiice!

    a place you have to eat (and i mean HAVE to) is called lunchbox laboratory. they have incredible burgers and they serve shakes in beakers (like…a nutella shake!)..not to mention they have vintage lunchboxes lining the walls. it's so legit.

    do it πŸ™‚


  • Melissa Jade says:

    my husband and I priclined an entire road trip. Literally as we drove around NY state, Vermont, Massachusetts and Montreal we priclined hotels an hour before we needed to crash. We stayed at 4 star hotels every night for about 100 bucks EVERY time. Master the Pricline- and take VERY cheap trips =D

  • omg how pretty are you ruby??? and man this girl is getting so big!!!! you guys should take a road trip to the midwest! or should i just hop on over there!!!! i wish i had a hair stylist sister. that would be a dream!!!!! hugs to you and have a great weekend!!!

  • andreaberg says:

    Ruby – you have the greatest smile! And I agree with Nathalie you should visit the midwest…You all can even stay with us!

    I just got back fron SF – and stayed at the W. Maybe be too pricey..but oh so wonderful. I also went to Vancouver this summer and we did priceline and stayed at Sheraton Wall Centre for $100/night. It was perfectly located. You could walk to Granville Island (walk to the Aqua Bus over to Granville) both of which you should do!)

  • Sarah D. says:

    HELLO… just came back from pismo beach… it's up north off the 101, anyways… SPLASH CAFE greatttttt greatttttt food…. famous for clam chowder ” ) and the beach is beautiful, you'll find sand dollars there ” ) hope you guys have a safe trip

  • such cute pics… your baby is adorable!!

  • Rileigh says:

    voodoo doughnuts in Portland will rock your socks off! Have fun!

  • stacey says:

    I don't think anyone mentioned ACE hotel, in Portland and Seattle, among other cities. I've been dying to stay there…here's the link:

    oh, and Pok Pok in Portland is the best Thai in the US:

    have fun! LOOVE your blog and your babies.

  • ~3iNnA~ says:

    At least you take pictures of yourself and your family. My husband and I we are so reserved and shy. I love to take pictures of scenes and things but when we take pictures it takes us awhile. Taking a picture of my husband is hard…he keeps on blocking his face and vice versa.

    annie from nj

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