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January 7, 2011

Baby seester and I spent the day thrifting, along with the three little girls, and we didn’t have high hopes! Most times, I find southern California thrift stores, at least the ones I live by, aren’t that great. I find an occasional thing here and there, but it ain’t nothing like the loot Rachel finds often! And vintage dresses for me and the girls are so, so, so hard to come by! Even Ben gives up on thrifting as he would rather go straight to a vintage shop and pay a bit more because stuff for him at the thrift stores are really few and far between. They really are picked through so much! We started having bad luck at thrift stores right around the time Napoleon Dynamite came out. That’s just our experience though…
I had a couple stores on my list that I wanted to check out. The first one was “eh…” I got a couple shawls, but I think the score of that place were some cowboy boots for True (and Brave). They share everything (and fight over everything too!). Then, we moved on and we moved up in my opinion as the second place was great! The first thing I found was a vintage coat, then right after that we were just “oohhing” and “ahhing” about everything I pulled out. It was hard to narrow things down when it came down to it. There were a couple things I had to say no to and there were some things that were cute, but weren’t exactly the right fit, but I just wanted to buy cause it was so good, but didn’t cause well, must still be smart. Right? In the end, I came out with some pretty vintage sweaters for me and the girls, a vintage coat, shawls, and some shoes (too bad not my size!). ‘Twas a happy day!
the lootmy happy lootpretty vintage shoessister day out! sister day out!
We had a good time searching for treasures and boy were they treasures indeed! We are already planning another trip for next week! Can’t wait!!!
I am so off on my days this week, I feel like the weekend shouldn’t be here yet, but I am glad it is! Tomorrow we are off on a late birthday adventure for Ben! Its delay is due to Brave’s pneumonia that happened his birthday weekend, so we are doing it tomorrow. We hope he likes it!!!
Will be back to share all about it soon!!! Doing anything fun this weekend?

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  • Renee says:

    Our thrift stores here suck! It's just dirty things nobody wants & nothing stylish or even cute so I had to give up on thrift stores.I wish we had a thrift store near the richer neighborhoods but we don't. 🙁 i can't wait to see more pictures of what you got…I love those shoes…seriously,I want those shoes!Are they comfortable,too?You are so lucky to have sisters to hang out with…how fun! 🙂

    I hope you all have a great weekend for Ben's birthday!We might go on a short trip to NC tomorrow.

    We're also working on a 2011 letters project & would love to have your daughters participate…they can send a drawing,scribble,whatever. 🙂 Here's our blog link:


  • You must have way better Thrift and Vintage shops than we do here in Brisbane, Australia. I can never find much at all. I have thrift and vintage envy!

  • sunnie fairy says:

    Those red boots are awesome! and the coat! Yay for cute finds. 🙂 Can't wait to see what you get next week.

  • jorjiapeach says:

    love love love the shoes.
    ps. your dress is super cute too.

  • looks like you did quite well! I'm taking down our Christmas decorations {boo!} and working on orders {yay!} this weekend.

  • Chaucee says:

    What a fun time! I know what you mean about thrifting. The thrifts stores in Lancaster, PA aren't that great, but when I lived in Nashville I could find the most amazing loot there! I guess Nashville has a bit more style than Lancaster 😛

  • I also live in Southern California and it's hard to find vintage clothes in regular thrift stores. If there are any, they are usually expensive. I feel your pain!

  • rosalia says:

    those red boots are pretty! i think i'll be thrifting this weekend. i love the bebes & niños section! i always get more than i can afford. haven't done that for myself in a while. maybe this time!

    my family & i will heading to the garfield park conservatory this weekend to test ada's nishiki camera with some black & white film. ada's had a rough week at school & i've been stressed out, too, so hopefully this will revive us a bit. 🙂

    have a lovely weekend! <3

  • Nickie Frye says:

    OMIGosh, I was totally thinking of you yesterday because I scored a fabulous vintage little girl's dress & I was wondering if it would fit one of your girls. I haven't photographed it yet, but I'll send you the link when I get it up in the shop. It's SO cute. Boho style maxi dress with a fabulous ethnic paisley-like print.

  • KK says:

    That coat is simply “to die for” – I love it! I love vintage clothing and I'm jealous (in a good way) of those that have the style to pull it off… I often wish I was more creative in that way – take for instance these old pair of jeans that I'm about to throw away because they're ripped (in the wrong places) – I really wish I was creative enough to think of ways in which to repurpose them.

    Thanks for the post – I you've got me thinking… Enjoy the birthday adventure!

    BTW – I'm a friend of your cousin “in-law” – Gabe. I love your work!

  • Rubyellen says:

    nickie- can't wait to see it!

    KK- so nice to meet you! How do you know Gabe?! He is quite the genius and we are so proud of him!! Keep in touch!

  • KK says:

    Rubyellen – I was his boss for a year last year. I run the writing fellowship at Nickelodeon and I hired him to be in the fellowship and then helped to get him staffed on The Penguins of Madagascar.

    Right you are…He is a genius!

  • Rubyellen says:

    kk- so cool! i can't wait to watch the episodes he has written!! i have read some of his past scripts for other projects and they are always so so good!!!

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