a happy dinner

February 22, 2011

The days I know exactly what I want to eat are such good days. On top of that, if it is something we could make at home, those are really happy days! Yesterday morning, I had a sudden craving for one of our favorite salmon dishes to make. I happily emailed Ben right away telling him what I wanted for dinner.
He then came home with some groceries that included two bulbs of fennel. He showed me this recipe he was going to make for our vegetable dish that would accompany our fish. If you have never tried fennel, you must, cause it is just so yummy! Or maybe it is Ben’s knack for finding recipes that make vegetables taste wonderful. Oh last night we had such a good dinner (except maybe the gas that ensued after eating so many vegetables, sorry if that was tmi)!
last night's dinner
last night's dinner
our favorite dry rub to put on salmon
1. gather all these dry ingredients: black pepper, paprika, cayenne, sea salt, crush red pepper, oregano, thyme (make to taste, sorry we never measure it out when we make it, but we like ours super spicy).
2. blend all the ingredients together.
3. rub all over your fish (sometimes we like to add a bit of extra virgin olive oil when we apply the rub).
4. grill or pan fry.
last night's dinner
It is so, so good! Ben even put some feta cheese, parsley and squeezed lemon on top of his brown rice and he said that added an extra oomph, but this pregnant lady wanted her brown rice plain.
We have one salmon steak left and I can’t wait to warm that up for my dinner. This time I will be careful with the amount of vegetables I consume (being gassy wasn’t fun)! Anyone else feeling a bit hungry now?

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