still developing: a story of instant gratification

February 8, 2011

It all started with my friend Lonnie emailing me about this exhibit, then my BFF got engaged at the exhibit, some of my polaroids showed at this exhibit, and now I got some of my polaroids published in a little book. Funny how things work out sometimes, isn’t it?
still developingstill developing
{top left hand corner: polaroid of me and ben kissing in his bearded days}
still developing
{bottom left corner: my polaroid is this polaroid of true and a red balloon}
I am proud to be one of among 200 professional and amateur (me being the amateur) photographers from around the world who get to share our love for instant film in this limited edition book. It really is pretty great and the art inside is so inspiring. I am truly honored!
If you love instant film as much as I do, buy the book here and we can ooh and aah about all the pictures together! Not only are there pictures but over 30 essayists all telling wonderful stories of instant film.
Now, since I am in a polaroid mood, there may be another giveaway coming soon. I love instant film so much, don’t you?!

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