vintage here, vintage there: vintage shoes

February 8, 2011

vintage here, vintage there
Hi my name is Rubyellen Bratcher and I am a shoe-a-holic and this week Rachel and I are strutting our vintage shoes!
vintage here, vintage there
I really am addicted to shoes for me and my girls, but then again… what girl isn’t?!! Lucky for me is that I have three girls, so I know whatever I purchase doesn’t go to waste because it gets passed down from person to person. I really love that I am able to do that! True and Brave are also pretty much the same size so they share a lot of shoes too.
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
I really only buy them each a pair of shoes twice a year (unless I find some at the thrift that I can’t pass up). We give them a pair of shoes for fall/winter for their fallebration present and another pair for spring/summer! Of course, sometimes something good does come up on etsy and I can’t pass it up, so I will get it and try to save it for a special occasion to give so that they aren’t just getting things willy nilly.
Actually, in my closet, I have a really big bag of presents, comprised of things that finally go on sale or if vintage, don’t want to miss out, and just keep them in bag for a special occasion. That is one of the reasons I am done with my Christmas shopping so early because I collect things all year long and save it for when it is present time. Even now that it is only February, I already have some gifts to give them for next Christmas. No joke. I am kinda crazy like that.
vintage here, vintage there
Funny story about their red cowboy boots is that they think they are Adora, Shera’s alter ego, when they are wearing it. They call it She-ra boots. The three strap mary janes are a recent buy from etsy that I couldn’t pass up the instant I saw it. They were just too perfect!
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
One type of shoe I was really wanting this winter season were some cute boots. I have a plethora of vintage western/riding boots, but I didn’t have any cute regular ‘ole plain boots. I even ordered 4 different pairs from anthropologie hoping one would work, but nothing did and back to the store did all of them go.
vintage here, vintage there
on me: dress, american apparel. sweater tights, nordstrom rack. cardigan, thrifted. boots, c/o simple thrift.
on true: shirt, thrifted. skirt, misha lulu. shoes, etsy.
on brave: dress, vintage (gift from rachel). shoes, thrifted.
on soul: shirt, vintage. cardigan, vintage thrifted. skirt, forever21 baby. shoes, vintage.
Then Gwen of Simple Thrift, was so kind and offered me to pick something I loved from her shop and I came across these boots and fell in love instantly. When they came in, I loved them even more because it was really the softest leather ever and were so classic. Ben immediately said, “I love those more than any of the pairs you ordered from Anthro!” If something is a winner in Ben’s eyes, they are a winner in my eyes too! Thanks Gwen!!! They were classic and comfy, everything I wanted in a pair of boots. Oh and forgive the oddly cropped picture… that is what happens when you hand your 4 year old the camera and have her take a picture of you!
I don’t have too many vintage shoes, but here are some of the ones I have. The two left were thrifted (the only pairs I have ever found for myself at the thrift) and the bow one was bought at a vintage shop and the brown one was gifted from my parents for my birthday (I first blogged about them here).
vintage here, vintage there
The beige ones are slightly too narrow, so I may give them up and sell them (if I ever get around to that), but they are too pretty that I don’t know if I could bid them farewell.
True and Brave’s shoes are mostly from etsy, but the red boots were thrifted. All their shoes get a ton of wear and will keep being worn cause when True and Brave are done, Soul will have her turn with them.
vintage here, vintage there
My biggest shoe collection of all is vintage baby shoes. Soulie is quite the lucky gal! Though most of these have passed through True and Brave and now are on little Soul’s feetsies.
vintage here, vintage there
Aren’t these teeny things adorable? Only one pair is thrifted, a couple from flea markets, another couple were gifted, and the rest from etsy. Each pair is teeny and so cute. I love them all! But I do get sad when she outgrows one of them… eventually that will happen to all.
fave vintage shoes: if you are size 9 you must get these (seriously), basket weave maryjanes, pale pink oxfords, distressed boots, two toned oxfords, oxford spectators, maroon pixie.
Head over to Smile and Wave and see the steal of a deal boots that Rachel’s sportin’ or the super sweet gingham blouse Ruby is wearing! I will take that in my size please!

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