a change of sheets

June 28, 2011

The girls have had the same colored sheets for like ever, so I thought we better change them up a bit. And a few months ago, they had a crayon hidden in the sheets when they got washed and thrown into the dryer and came out with crayon stains all over and it was kinda bugging me. I just haven’t had time to clean out the stains or go to the store to get some new fabric, so I thought why not use the tons of fabric I already had lying around!
a change of sheetsa change of sheets
I saw this and really loved it and tried to recreate it, though I don’t have that many vintage sheets (I don’t seem to have too much luck finding them here). I can’t wait to go looking for some at the thrift, but what we got now will do. The only thing that I used that wasn’t vintage was the stripe flat sheet because I still had yardage left over. Everything is a bit quirky and mismatched just the way I like it!
I have started making some new pillow coverings for our own bed, but I still am kinda stuck on what I want or the color scheme. We still pretty much just use a white duvet cover because I can never settle on a color for our bedroom. Maybe plain and white suits our room best, but I will keep trying different things out until I find just the perfect thing.
What kind of bedding do you use? Do you like things plain or colorful?

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