new (old) pretties

July 27, 2011

Last week I had a free morning without the girls, so my friends and I went out hitting some local thrifts. I think we all came away with a little something and I was totally jazzed about all my finds. I found a cool globe (my collection has grown to 18!), some vintage shoes, little metal frames, child wading boots, and a few other goodies. My favorites were the vintage child oxfords, which are so darn adorable, and the flower crocheted afghan, which I have been coveting since Rachel found one awhile back. I seriously felt like I hit the jackpot that day, probably kinda how Rachel and Heather feel every time they go thrifting, cause seriously, those ladies have such good luck!
new old prettiesnew old prettiesnew old pretties
I totally love good hunting days! Now I am itching to go the flea market, especially since a vendor has something that I am waiting to pick up, but I have to be patient as I have a few more weeks until that comes around.
I have noticed I am not really in nesting mode. I was frantically cleaning my house a few months ago and feeling the pressure to get everything ready, but not so much these days. Maybe it is cause my focus these days is at least to keep my head above water. Maybe nesting will hit me again soon because I really want to get motivated to clean my house. We have got a baby to prepare for!

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