huzzah, friday!

August 20, 2011

apple pie and ice cream
Sometimes some apple pie and ice cream are necessary to get through the day! School starts next week for us and we are ready as we’ll ever be. I have two weeks worth of lesson plans mapped out, projects, and activities ready, so here we go…
This week’s learned and links…
– Soulie now says little short phrases like, “Papi, there you!” and “I poo poo!”
– True is filling her older sister role well. She is definitely bossy!
– Brave has been more sensitive lately and I need to be more intentional in giving her more love touches.
– I can get quite obsessive about the strangest things. Now, it’s ankle boots.
– The girls’ closets are way too full. I need to purge yet again.
– Nighttime brings out the pregnancy waddle.
This verse is hard to apply. In all things, I must count it all joy! Even when things are super frustrating. Lord, help me!

What was going on in your life and heart this week?

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