huzzah, friday (on a saturday)!

August 7, 2011

silly soulie
This girl is plain silly. We are really treasuring these last few weeks of her being baby until baby baby gets here. She is very much a baby to us (and will always be, as will the other big girls), but once the littlest one comes, suddenly she will seem all grown up!
Let’s just say the last three days have been busy, busy.
Learned and links…
– We watched my baby sister dance in Disneyland’s Soundsational Parade for the first time and I was crying like a big baby as I watched her. I was so proud!
– Soulie loves the carousel. It’s her favorite ride!
– Brave loves being the birthday princess.
– True doesn’t like the idea of an unbirthday.
– Loud dogs barking make camping in the backyard difficult.
This sermon reminded me that I am so not levelheaded. Oh man, oh man…
Rachel’s new shop, The Stash, has lots of pretties!
Twitter isn’t so bad. That’s right, follow me on twitter here. I caved (thanks Heather!).
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. After gathering with our church family, we will definitely be resting on the sabbath after the busy week we had!

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