September 20, 2011

Two things I craved the most while pregnant, but couldn’t eat or drink was sushi and beer. Last night, Ben and I were finally able to carve out some quiet time and celebrate the birth of our littlest love together. How did we celebrate? A movie and some indulging in our favorite sushi and some (non-alcoholic) beer. I like to start off slowly.
sushi and (non-alcoholic) beer at lastsushi and (non-alcoholic) beer at lastsushi and (non-alcoholic) beer at lastsushi and (non-alcoholic) beer at last
Okay, maybe I threw in some macarons and triple chocolate bundt cake in for dessert. This was a celebration after all!
Ben’s mom left yesterday and we are finally feeling the reality of having four kids. We were out and about at doctor visits and errands yesterday and it is no easy feat getting all the kids in and out of the house and in the car. Craziness I tell you! I am sure there will soon be a time when we will have to go eat at a restaurant with all of them and that no doubt will be insane as well. Going from three to four definitely ain’t easy, but it is quadruple the joy!

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