November 5, 2011

sweet presents
Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Birthday spoiling started Wednesday when Danni came over with some treats (thanks Danni, I so love it!) and yesterday was definitely filled with more happy and more spoiling by Ben and the girls. Actually, God is the one who really spoils me by giving me Ben and the girls. Will share about our little celebration soon, but I have been enjoying the gloomy weather and Ben being home, and we have been fulfilling my 30th birthday request of watching the last season of 24. If you have ever watched that show, then you know it is hard to stop once you start!
I must say, being 30 is already pretty grand!
Learned and links…
– Had to move Glow to size 1 diaper. So sad! She is not as teeny. This is all happening too fast.
– Soulie can now say “No!” instead of just shaking her head. It is the cutest little no you ever did hear!
– Cool to see Brave and True writing their own words from them just sounding it out. They are learning after all!
– Having a journal nearby all the time, helps me capture all the random ideas floating in my head.
– Glow has been extra fussy at night. Oh sleep, how I miss you…
– My baby sister makes the cutest spiderman and here is the cutest Alice ever!
– Love seeing old school pictures of me and the BFF. We look so young and I was blonde!
– Wish it gets cold enough to warrant buying this coat.
– In love with this ring.
– Ben is just really too clever and sweet, but I knew that already!
Happy weekending friends! I declare it my birthday weekend or better yet, birthday month!!!

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