November 29, 2011

another slow mondayanother slow mondayanother slow mondayanother slow monday
I seriously slept in up until the minute Ben declared he was leaving for work. He is such a trooper in the mornings, getting all the three big girls fed, making his own lunch, and ironing is his own clothes. Once this baby starts sleeping through the night, I definitely want to get back to waking up a tad earlier.
This was definitely a slow Monday after the long holiday weekend. I did need a jumpstart of pumpkin bread sprinkled with chocolate chips, warmed up a bit, and served with a side of pumpkin ice cream to help with the laziness. That was a perfect cure to the lazies. Then, it was off to (home)school we go.
It is amazing to watch the progress of True and Brave. Seriously. I know I was a teacher before, but I was very skeptical of my ability to teach them how to read. I taught fourth grade, not kinder, so I was quite scared of the whole beginning process. I love upper grade curriculum, so teaching little ones scared the daylights out of me. I think now we are at the point where they are able to put sounds together and make words and can read short sentences, so I am breathing much more easily.
More fun comes in when I am able to take history and science lessons and make a bit more fun out of it. I remember when I was teaching, I loved making pictorial charts to teach concepts and am so glad that my girls are visual learners too. As I talk about a story in history or science, I draw it out and it really sticks to their minds so much more and it helps when they have to retell it back to me. For those curious, I use Story of the World for my history and My Body for science. Some days I miss the challenge of being in the classroom, but I am glad that now I get the best of both worlds by making my home a classroom and having my girls for students.

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