February 5, 2012

wedding day
My sister looked absolutely beautiful and it was fun dancing all night long! They had some pretty great music lined up for the night, which included a live jazz band, Me. & Mr. Cassidy made a guest appearance, and Avasa & Matty Love who are pretty amazing. Then, a dj who pumped some fun tunes. My legs are pretty tired now.
I didn’t really get any pictures past being in the hotel room getting ready, but Max Wanger was their photographer, so I am sure they will be much more amazing than anything I would have taken. My girls had a blast dancing and running around. Also, probably cause they ate churros and s’mores galore. What kid wouldn’t have a blast doing that?!!
Baby sister and I cried while seeing our sister walk down the aisle with our dad and I couldn’t help think about the day when I will be watching Ben doing that with our four girls. I hope that day doesn’t come too fast, but I know it probably will. So for now, I will enjoy these sisters staying little and together for as long as possible cause one day they will be grown and posing in picture just like the one of me and my sisters above.
wedding day

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