March 3, 2012

they have a cousin!
Meet Rocky Bobo, my baby sister’s little baby! My girls have their first cousin. I tell them that Rocky Bobo is their cousin and they said no because he is a dog. So then we settled on dousin. Dog + cousin, get it?!! Sounds like dozen. The girls were instantly smitten and I am not a dog person (or a pet person) and I was instantly smitten as well. Rocky Bobo has slept on the big girls’ laps and got lots of cuddling. Good thing he likes to cuddle.
Soulie cried the moment she met him. Soul hates stuffed animals. Seriously. She didn’t even like Minnie Mouse at first, so we knew her first meeting with Rocky Bobo was going to be hilarious (for us) and that she would freak out. We got it on camera, just so you know. It is that funny (for us). Don’t worry, she is not emotionally scarred for life. She’ll laugh at it one day. By the end of the day, she did pet him twice. See, she’s fine.
The girls being so cute with him, made me want to get them a puppy. True even said she would take care of the poop. Somehow, I seriously doubt that seeing how it takes her 2 hours to clean her room in which I would have been done in 5 minutes. I told them when the whole house has wood floors, I will think about it. The key is… the whole house. That means every bit of flooring. I don’t think we will ever have the whole house in wood anytime soon, so I am pretty much safe. Until then, we will love Rocky Bobo just like he is our own, but good thing I don’t have to clean his poop, that’s my sister’s job!
This week’s learned and links…
Brain Pop Jr. a cool learning resource.
– Glow is starting to get her legs under her and looks like crawling is coming soon.
– Soul must wear the same 2 skirts everyday. Yes, together.
– Ben is really a keeper. He surprised me with something fantastic this week. Dude really knows how to romance this girl!
– I have the world’s roughest hands. I am bad at moisturizing.
– Obsessed with Tumbleweeds glasses. No joke. One of a kind amazing! I need a pair of sunglasses, but not sure if I am cool enough to pull off these cool shades.
– This is important. When you blog, have integrity. Be real, be honest, and give credit when it is due.
– I need a phone. I have been phone-less for two weeks and don’t have a land line. I lost it and can’t find it and haven’t done a darn thing about it. My mom complains I don’t call her anymore and so does this gal.
– Got some vintage goodies coming in from this shop. So excited to get them!
– I like bloggers new way of responding to comments. Thank you blogger!
– In search for the perfect denim dress. Have any good suggestions?
– And still want these shoes. I think I am secretly hoping someone will just happily gift them to me as a “just because”. I know, I’m silly. And just so you know, I am a size 6. *wink*
– Random fact about me. I love action and suspense movies! I am guy when it comes to movies. Romance and comedies are last on my list. I just watch it when I am bored. Now, if you do romance with thrilling action and suspense, then I may just reconsider.
Tonight is movie night over here and mine and Ben’s movie better involve some car crashes and explosions! What are your plans?

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