May 21, 2012

Ben and I had a couple quiet evenings alone (with Glow too) and the big girls slept at Grammie’s and Grumpy’s. It was nice. We watched the baby sister in her first official dance performance and just like I suspected I balled my eyes out at her first piece on stage. I am so proud. She’s the best and I am not even exaggerating. She had lots of solos to prove it. The rest of the evening will be spent having dinner with my family and watching the Spurs game. GO, SPURS, GO!!! We are so excited about that over here. 
This week’s learned and links… 
Glow is cranky when she doesn’t get her regularly scheduled naps.
Soul has a new found love for crushed ice.
Thankful for grandparents and their babysitting abilities. 
I am nervous about the foam fest next weekend! 8ft and 12ft walls to climb… OH MY!!! 
Really liking this table. Not the price.

This vintage toy high chair in my friend’s shop is way cute! Get it. Someone. 

And this friend, wife of Sexytay (a witty dude that you understand better as you get to know him), has an amazing blog that has me instantly hooked. Seriously. You will be hooked too. This pizza. These pictures. She also has good, smart things to say, but she hails from Cal, so I am not surprised. And she is an architect, so she just has an eye. Melody Earlbaum is so good. 
This friend finally went back to blogging after a long hiatus.

Don’t forget this and this giveaway and to check out this blog. 

This week we got dance classes, True’s open house, and a bunch of regular life things thrown in with house renovating stuff. I already can’t wait until Friday!!! Do you have any new blogs you are really loving?

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