June 26, 2012

Thanks to the bravery of my mother-in-law and sister–in-law to watch the 4 girls, Ben and I were able to have a full day to ourselves. San Antonio is only about 1.5 hours away from Austin and we were behind in celebrating a couple milestones in our lives, so we took the day to do so. However, we did also meet with an old buddy of his for lunch at Garrido’s (Oyster tacos?! Yes! Please!), but spent the rest of the day together exploring. We had been to Austin before, but it is a city you never tire of and it was good to visit familiar places like Uncommon Objects and discover new ones. 
We did find a couple uncommon objects to bring home, one of which is that 1960’s carnival bear cutout that will be a quirky little piece hanging in our home (and sometimes maybe for playing too). We grabbed cupcakes thanks to the suggestion one of you gave me on instagram! Mostly we spent time going in and out of vintage shops looking for clothes for Ben. I was a good girl and didn’t get anything (there was one dress that was really tempting me though), but I really could cry from joy of Ben finding stuff. Five shirts to be exact. He rarely does, so when he does, I get so giddy! 

We ended the day trip and did our celebrating at La Condesa. Gosh oh gosh. That food was yum. We debated between that place or Uchiko, but since we aren’t so fond of the Mexican food options in the L.A. area, we went with Tex-Mex over sushi. We indulged in ceviche, fish, and maybe I had a little bit of fun with my margarita! And their beet cake… oh yeah, definitely trying to recreate that at home. That was the best dish to end the celebration dinner.

It’s so strange to be without the girls for a full day, but it was a much needed break and good time to reconnect and just laugh and chillax with Ben. I may or may not have tried to get fresh with him all day long, but seriously, I just couldn’t resist. I think that boy is pretty darn hot. Like real hot. And before I make you gag with all this lovey dovey stuff, don’t worry, we really do have spats too. We get on each other’s nerves just like any other couple. That’s what makes the choice of staying together and working on our marriage even more meaningful. We both choose to be here despite our ugly sides… and boy do we have them!

All in all, the day was just grand. We came home to girls already sleeping in bed, a box full of cupcakes, Grandmama and Auntia with loads of funny stories about the girls, and a bit more rejuvenated from just having some time off to focus on each other. We pretty much love Austin and will make sure to take another day trip when we come back to San Antonio for Christmas!

on me: shirt, vintage via ms. tips. shorts, vintage thrifted and altered. shoes, madewell. necklace, homako. purse, anthropologie. sunglasses, c/o sunglasses shop.
on ben: shirt, vintage. jeans, diesel. shoes, nikes.

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