June 22, 2012

When I look up at the sky, I am reminded of how small I actually am, how great God is, and how the world is so much bigger than me and my wants and needs. If I had the ability to pan out, I would see that I was barely a dot compared to the grandness of the entire universe. Barely a dot, imagine that. When I need a reality check of life, I look up. 
Learned and links…
I really am bad at praying. Ugh! It’s such a cycle. 
Soul has been using the potty these past couple days! Thanks to my MIL getting started on the potty training. 
True and Brave are growing in their responsibility. 
Family and friends are so important. I am thankful for all those God has brought into our lives.
I really like Tex-Mex food. Oh boy yummy!!!
Mosquitos like me too much. Though I sure don’t like them! 
We are excited about this weekend as we have Ben’s annual family reunion! It’s on a ranch, so there will be hay rides and horses and I just know the girls will be superly duperly excited about that. Happy weekending friends!!! 

3 comments on “HUZZAH!”

  • megan lane says:

    Such a beautiful reminder. It is ridiculous how blessed we are and how frequently we forget that. I am definitely guilty of constantly wanting more. The blogging world often intensifies this. Something I'm working on!

  • it's so simple and straightforward but so good to be reminded of the important things. have a good weekend! ~deirdre

  • ~ Kim ~ says:

    So true. There are others suffering so much in other parts of the world. I am so grateful for what I have and hope I don't whinge so much. We have 8pm rosary where we pray at home all together. The kids only get through one decade but I'm hoping that in doing so it just becomes routine for us and my kids will grow up knowing that this is a part of life, to pray daily and connect to God and Jesus. Bless your family and I hope Texas is keeping you well.

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