out to school: 2/11

January 14, 2013

out to schoolout to schoolIt’s been awhile since I’ve done a school style post for the girls, so here’s their latest getup. They dress themselves and pretty much wear the same things all the time, but slightly change up the layering here and there, but whatever. They’re clothed and it works. Actually, it sounds a bit like how I get dressed, wearing the same thing all the time but changing it up a bit. Though, my same thing usually consists of sweats and a sweater. I would say my daughters dress up way more than me!

I love their smiles and I can’t believe how much older they are starting to look these days. How is this possible?! Didn’t I just give birth to them?! My oh my!

on true: dress, vintage. poncho, little bean shop. pants, misha lulu. socks, target. shoes, salt-waters. beret, anthropologie (gifted a long time ago). on brave: sweater, vintage. pants, misha lulu. shoes, toms. actually, this was the same day they wore these outfits.

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