family meals: week 35

March 28, 2013

crunchy turkey kimchi burgerscrunchy turkey kimchi burgersCrunchy Turkey Kimchi. I didn’t use pork, but lean ground turkey instead and we had broccoli raab as a side dish. I meant to serve this on whole wheat buns, but then last minute realized we we’re out, so we did brown rice. We’re totally due for a Trader Joe’s run. The girls devoured this dish. They loved it and out ate Ben and me. These girls of ours are tiny, but boy can they eat! When I make a recipe, I seriously quadruple it to feed everyone in our house, and even with that sometimes we still don’t have leftovers (or run out).

banh mibanh miGrilled Chicken Banh Mi. I used this recipe to make the marinade for the chicken, but minus the lemongrass, and I use this recipe for the picked daikon and carrots. The pickled veggies came out yummy, but man oh man was it stinky when I was making the marinade for it. I used chicken breast for the meat and low fat mayo and that sandwich was yum-o. Ben says it was better than the ones we get at Mr. Lee’s. I thought it was good, but not sure if it was better than Mr. Lee’s, but I think the healthy factor made it that much more appealing to him. I would consider making a whole wheat bread to go with it, but I think it just tastes so darn good on a good ‘ole French baguette. I think I want to try this recipe that Robyn suggested next time.

Week 4/1 – 4/5
Monday: Spring Minestrone with Chicken Meatballs (thanks for the suggestion Steph!)
Tuesday: Dumplings
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Pork Meatball Banh Mi (will probably use turkey)
Friday: Pizza night

What’s on your meal plan for next week? I need some ideas!

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