diy: elf christmas stockings

December 17, 2013

elf christmas stockingElf Christmas Stockings

1. Elf Christmas Stocking template (best to download it and save, and take into a print shop to print out, since it is larger than your average home printer).
2. 1 yard wool felt (and small coordinating wool felt scraps for the stocking toe cap and heel)
3. 1 – 2 yards of pom pom trim (depending on how many lines of pom pom you’d like to do)
4. Scissors
5. Embroidery floss
6. Embroidery needle
7. Yarn
8. Tissue paper (optional, this is for stuffing to provide stability to prevent the toe portion from flopping over)

elf christmas stockingDirections:
1. Using the Elf Christmas Stocking template, cut out your necessary pattern pieces: 2 pieces for main stocking (this includes the toe and heel on the main stocking body), 2 pieces for toe cap, 2 pieces for heel.

2. Place the wool felt toe cap and heel in its proper position (on top of stocking body, lining up the curved edges) on the right side of the stocking fabric, and attach onto the main stocking wool felt using a running stitch.

elf christmas stocking3. Hand sew on the pom pom trim onto the top of the stocking using a running stitch to attach it. Measure and cut your trim as you work through each line, and double up the pom pom trim for some lines for some variety. I only did one side of the stocking, since only one side is really seen when hanging on our mantle, but you can most certainly add pom pom trim to both sides if you’d like.

elf christmas stockingelf christmas stocking4. Place both stocking fabric pieces with their wrong sides together, and blanket stitch around the entire perimeter, except the top (make sure to leave that open for filling!).

elf christmas stocking5. Add any additional trim you’d like. I had a wool felt ball and added it to the toe, and made a yarn pom pom of sorts and attached it to the top and sewed that onto the stocking. This gives it a loop for hanging. If omitting the large pom pom at the top, just cut off a 6″ piece of yarn, knot together, and sew onto the top corner of the stocking to allow for hanging.

elf christmas stocking6. Add some tissue paper inside the stocking to fluff it up a bit and give the toe part some stability to prevent it from flopping. I take out the tissue paper when it’s time for filling the stocking up! Hang on your mantle and start plotting the goodies that will fill it up! Elf stockings aren’t as roomy as traditional stockings, but I put little goodies in ours, so it works perfectly for us.

elf christmas stockingelf christmas stockingI made my first set of elf stockings for True’s first Christmas. I loved the one Anthropologie had for sale that year, but could definitely not pay that price for something I knew I could make. Every time we added to our family, I kept making a new elf stocking. It’s kind of quirky and Dr. Seuss-ish, but they’re so fun and made with lots of love from mommy to her little babes. I love this recent Anthro stocking (they really come out with the best ones!) and decided to make this little project merging the elf style and the pom pom one together.

I’ve had readers in year past asked for a tutorial, but never get around to making one. Though I probably should have gotten this up earlier in the month (most of you probably already have stockings up!), but I’m mommy first, so getting things up for the blog always happen later than I originally plan, but better late than never, right?! So either you’ll be ready for next year’s stockings early, or you still have some free time to make this to get some elf stockings up!

This definitely could be made machine sewn, which would go faster, and if you want to do that, I’d just add an extra half inch all the way around to account for a 1/2″ seam allowance, and straight stitch the pom pom trim on before you sew your two body pieces together. If you have some old wool sweaters you’re wanting to give new life, you could most certainly use those for elf stockings too.

As you can see from our mantle above, there are many different ways to decorate your elf stocking. My parents filled our stockings with toothbrushes and fun little toys. I fill the girls’  stockings with yummy snacks and a disposable camera so they can take their own pictures on Christmas. What do you fill your stockings with?

p.s. nothing to do with elf stockings, but misha lulu is having a two day sale in her shop (maybe you still need stocking stuffers)!

3 comments on “diy: elf christmas stockings”

  • Susie says:

    I love the homemade stockings and how each one is unique. My mom made each of us 4 kids stockings and it is one of my most PRIZE possessions. I grew up in a very diy crafty home and I never understood stockings at the store. I thought everyone used the same one each year like we did. Even though we don’t do stocking gifts (the youngest of us is 29 now) I still love to see our stockings made with love.

  • Kelsey says:

    cute cute! you are inspiring me to learn how to sew {with a machine} but maybe I could just hand stitch something like this! so cute. I love your blog and your family is the sweetest. I’m a long time follower and feel joyful every time i stop by!

    xo, Kelsey Belle Happie Reading Blog

  • doxgukka says:

    i looooove the camera idea!!!

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