December 14, 2013

my mommy and meThis week was crazy busy; I felt like I could never catch up! Last week I was sick, so things were out of sorts, and we got behind in some schooling lessons, so this week was spent catching up, but I felt like I couldn’t. Just when I felt like I had a handle on things, life happened (as it always does), and it didn’t go the way I planned. I have two Christmas projects to share with you, but I haven’t had much time to get to this space. They’re really easy though, so if you have a free afternoon between when I get those post up and Christmas (free afternoon, what’s that?!), you might want to make them!

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I made oatmeal pecan pie again, but this time I cut the amount of sugar to 1/2 cup and added a little bit more oatmeal, and I think it’s way better this way!

It’s so hard to find a trustworthy general contractor/handyman, but I think we found one. If anyone in SoCal needs one, email me and I’ll share you our find. We’ve had him do a few things for the house, and so far so good. He’s honest and competitive in his pricing.

That picture above is my mommy, me, and Santa many moons ago! #mymomstilllooksthesame

Ben injured his rotator cuff and is in a lot of pain. I’m praying he feels better soon.

How delicious does this caramel dutch apple look?!

We’re so excited about Christmas and to be with family we haven’t seen in awhile!!!

Check out the Misha Lulu Surplus Store for all her new goodies. She has prints and dolls up for sale.

The biggest news of the week (in our home) is that we brought our refrigerator back in our house! We moved it to our garage a year and a half ago when we put in wood floors, and we never brought it back in. Our friends all laugh at how ridiculous it is that we go back and forth to the garage all day long.

Anyone watch The Sing-Off?!! Our really good family friend’s nephew is in The Filharmonics and they are so good! Ben took the girls to a Danika Cares benefit concert a couple weekends ago, and my girls were fans ever since, especially my Brave!

We’re looking at window coverings for a couple windows in our house, but I can’t ever commit to something. Woven shades or shutters? And why are they so darn expensive?! It’s insane. Maybe I’ll just forever stick with my burlap and cheesecloth solution.

Thanks for reading my random ramblings!!! xoxo

7 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Emily Baker says:

    happy christmas!! such a big fan of your blog 🙂

  • Jordans says:

    Oh, I hear ya about expensive window treatments. We wanted to do shutters in our house until we got an estimate! Yikes! I suppose if we were living in our forever home we’d save for them. So that is my advice to you. If you are living in your forever home spring for the shutters! 🙂 A very Merry Christmas to you!

    • Rubyellen says:

      Forever home… I like that term. I don’t want all the windows covered, so that’s a little bit better for the pocket book (but dang, they can be pricey!). I don’t know if it’s our forever home. We do things to the house that we like in case we did stay forever, but if for some reason God opened up the doors for us to move, we would. I could see us being her for a very long time, but life can surprise you sometimes!

  • Ruby, my husband and I just finished the 3rd episode of the Sing-Off and we’re SO pumped for The Filharmonic! We freaked out when we first saw them…you can’t help but smile when they’re on. : )

    • Rubyellen says:

      They’re so good, aren’t they?! They just make you want to dance.We haven’t watch episode 3 yet!!!

  • nikki says:

    that photo is so precious!


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