it was a good thanksgiving

December 2, 2013

thanksgiving 2013We had a really delicious lunch over at Ben’s cousins, who we don’t see nearly as much as we’d like to, and then we headed over to my mom’s for dinner (the feast above is from my parent’s house), and we ate some more. We came home so stuffed and our heart’s full from a good day of hanging out with family. The weekend was spent recuperating, seeing some friends visiting from out of town, a benefit concert, house stuff doing, and movies at night in bed. The rest of the family had taken their turn getting sick over the last couple weeks, and now I guess it’s my turn. Ugh, moms can’t get sick! I’m hoping whatever it is I’m feeling leaves soon, like this very minute soon, because we’ve got a little girl turning 4 over here tomorrow!

We haven’t even started any Christmas decorating at all! The girls keep asking about it, but I’m thinking we probably won’t even be able to get to it until this weekend. We made this advent calendar last year, so we will probably use this version again this year. Honestly though, we’re really bad at keeping up with it. It looks cute up, but life happens and we end up skipping days. Anyone else like that about their advent calendar?

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  • Bethany says:

    Ha, I used to love missing days on my chocolate advent calendar so I could make up for them with extra chocolate!

  • nikki says:

    what a beautiful set up!


  • Wow that spread looks delicious! And your Advent calendar from last year is such a great idea!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  • heather says:

    Hope you feel better pronto! I know- moms can’t get sick!! I used to feel like I had to do special things for every day of advent and I love those ideas, but… it’s a lot of pressure. Now I have an advent calendar that the girls and I made that has pockets. I buy a couple bags of Hershey’s kisses. One kiss in each pocket for each girl. Then if there is something special to do that day, I write it on a little slip of paper and stick it in too…an extra little surprise…sometimes.

  • jen says:

    oh I hear you on the advent calendar! i put ours up a day late EVERY year and we always end up having a busy day in there somewhere where we forget… and we are catholic! i guess that’s just life with 4 kids!

  • Elaine says:

    We did a book advent for our girls this year and they LOVE it!. It’s only been three nights, but each night their faces are lit up with smiles and they’ve already told me many times how much they love opening and reading their Christmas books. We had almost 10 books to start with, but ordered a bunch and a friend helped me find some at thrift stores. Will refine the book list as the years go by, as I plan on doing this every year from now on. Got the idea here and she has a great book list in the post, as well as in the comments.

    Too late for this year, but you can start collecting books for next!

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