oh crap it’s too fast

January 21, 2014

the girlsthe girlsthe girlsI’m getting freaked out that True turns 8 this year. That sounds so big! Then I start thinking about the years until puberty and I get really nervous, which typically leads me to mentioning it to Ben, and he gets extremely nervous! Thus, leading to an oh-crap-moment-time-is-flying-too-fast kind of thing. For us, once one hits puberty for one, they pretty much all go through it because they are so freakin’ close in age! It makes me so nervous to think about it…

So much goes on in a day. I’m trying to teach them how to be loving, selfless, responsible, and feed them, guide their hearts, homeschool them (if you’re doing the homeschooling route, but doing homework with them takes a lot of time too), remind them to share, take them to this and that activity, and then feed them again, and the parenting list goes on and on. All this chaos makes it all go so fast. Next thing you know it’s a new year and you’re wondering how did that just happen?! I love my girls and my heart swells up with joy just looking at their smiling faces. I know I’m not a perfect mom, but I’m their mom, and I’m very glad to be able to mother them, chaos and all.

on me: dress, old navy. necklace, j.crew gifted from BFF, shoes, emerson fry (early last year on clearance). on true: dress, misha lulu. boots, old navy. on brave: dress, frankie & sue. shoes, old navy. on soul: dress, anthropologie (5 years ago). sweater, vintage. shoes, new balance (she loves sneakers!). on glow: dress, vintage. pants, old navy. shoes, freshly picked.

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