the girls and my technicolor coat

March 27, 2014

the five of usthe five of usthe five of usthe five of usWhen I go through the closet purging mode, I always come to this blazer-jacket thing and debate on it. Sure, it gets worn once a year, if that, but it fit greats, the fabric feels wonderful, and it’s just so different (in a good way, at least to me). Ben found it in a Texas thrift store for me long ago (back when thrift stores weren’t so picked through), and I’ve only worn it a handful of times, but it’s just of those things I can’t give up. According to those promoting a minimalism wardrobe, it getting worn once a year probably means it needs to be moved on, but I really just can’t.

I think it’s just one of those pieces my girls might pick up one day when they fit it, and say, “Wow! Mom, this is so cool!” But then again, I could be wrong, and they say, “Mom, this is hideous. Why’d you keep it?!” Who knows?! I guess it will be an experiment of sorts and we will see what happens on that “one day.” I’m pretty good at letting go and purging my closet, but for now this jacket stays. Do any of you have any pieces like this that you think of getting rid of, but don’t?

Oh and these black shoes of mine are one of my faves! It might be my best deal ever as I scored it at the thrift store for just 2 buckaroos!

on me: jacket, vintage. shirt, everlane. patchwork jeans, old navy. shoes, thrifted. on true: dress, panache box. jacket, vintage members only. leggings, hello hi apparel. pin-dot sneakers, old navy. on brave: shirt, misha lulu. jacket, thrifted. pants (she wear these all. the. time!), misha lulu. shoes, gap kids. on soul: dress, misha lulu. boots, thrifted. on glow: jacket, vintage. dress and leggings, misha lulu. shoes, old navy.

8 comments on “the girls and my technicolor coat”

  • Renee says:

    What a fun blazer! I have a multi-colored tweed blazer that I have only worn twice in the 4 years I’ve owned it. It fits wonderfully and is so awesome that I will likely never throw it away. But being a student, I don’t really have a reason to wear it. But I don’t have the strength to get rid of it either!

  • Beth says:

    I know just what you mean. When we were newly dating my husband surprised me with Coldplay tickets and even though I was a poor college student I splurged on this paisley cord jacket that I don’t even wear much but will never be able to get rid of.

  • Grace says:

    Keep the jacket! It’s so unique and you’ll probably never find something like it ever again!

  • Briseidy says:

    thats a great jacket! I love how there is always a lot going on on your pictures!

  • Rebecca says:

    Ugh, yes! I’ve had several of those “I use it once every two years but maybe one day I’m going to wear it and it’ll be gone” and there it remains for another two years until I find it and the pattern repeats! By the way, the jacket is fabulous, don’t get rid of it!

  • nikki says:

    your outfit is perfect! that blazer is a keeper and those jeans look great on you!


  • These photos are seriously hilarious and adorable — love the thought bubbles! Also, now that I’m pregnant, I’m even more in awe of that fact that you’ve had four kids and look amazing. Have you posted at all about your health/fitness routine or would you be willing to? Thanks in advance!

    Also, I want you to know that you’re one of the few mommy/baby blogs that I read. I love that you talk about the reality of motherhood and you have mentioned daily struggles and annoyances in the past. It’s so refreshing!

  • Ah yes, those special pieces are so hard to get rid of. I’ve got two blazers from the 70s that I can’t part with even though they don’t fit me nicely anymore (this baby weight has not disappeared after a year!) and I love those jeans.

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