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April 25, 2014

DSC_5948DSC_5923flowersDSC_6071DSC_6087DSC_6037stop and blow the bubblesbubbles and flowersbubbles and flowersDSC_6098After running errands one afternoon, the girls and I went to check out a new park that opened up near us. It’s a massive park, well not Central Park massive, but suburban massive. It’s just a whole lot of green, a lot of field, and would be fun to ride bikes on the designated bike paths. Note to self: time to teach True and Brave how to ride a two-wheeler (must buy one first). We brought bubbles with us and though half of it spilled in the car (on them), they still had fun blowing what was left over.

True had been asking me a for a long dress (she likes to copy me and I have a couple maxi dresses I wear all the time), so I’m glad they’re in style right now with the kiddos and Old Navy had this one to try out. Brave isn’t much into dresses these days, so I knew this romper would be perfect for her, with a Spider-Man hat of course. Soul loves skirts, as long as they’re short, and the baby, well, she’s fine with anything, just don’t try to take her bubbles away.

I’ve got a couple parenting books I’m currently going through, and one was reminding me that when I think of my kids as a “handful,” or the phrase, “You’ve got your hands full,” to think of it as a handful of blessings. I don’t know about you, but when I hear “handful” in reference to kids, I automatically think of the chaos. This week, I’ve been trying to rework my brain to think of “handful” as blessings. I know they are, but on those days when it’s all about survival and trying to get to bedtime, I forget. I don’t want to forget, and I want to constantly grow in wisdom and be more loving, and cherish these crazy moments. Hence, the reading of parenting books. We need more days like this when we go out to blow some bubbles and pick some flowers because it really does all of us so much good.

on me: dress, thrifted (altered here). shoes, thrifted. on true: maxi dress and sun hat, c/o old navy. shoes, salt-waters. on brave: railroad striped romper and superhero cap, c/o old navy. shoes gap kidson soul: flutter top and denim skort, c/o old navy. boots, thrifted. on glow: floral romper and sandals, c/o old navy.

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14 comments on “stop and blow some bubbles”

  • ira lee says:

    those pix are beautuful w all those flowers and those pretty little girls!!! annnnnn you caught glow smiling!!! WIN!!!

  • Emily Baker says:

    such a great way to look at it 🙂 love brave’s spidey hat all the time

  • Danica says:

    I’m a pretty new reader so I wasn’t following along for any of your littles births so sometimes I have trouble telling them apart……but when you mention what each one is wearing it makes it easier to know “who” I’m reading about! I’m not a mommy yet but i am a preschool teacher so I’m around children 24/7. Similar comments like “oh you must have the patience of a saint.” ” I could never do that, that sounds exhausting!” Is very interesting to me because some people view children as “a handful” and immodestly associate moms or teachers to not fully love what they do. Yes, there may be chaos sometimes but it’s beautiful chaos! Some people are just not “kid” people.


    • Rubyellen says:

      I’m with you. They are such a blessing and we forget that often. It’s true, some people just aren’t.

  • good, now I dont feel so bad that my two (almost 8 in 3 weeks & 6) dont know how to ride a bike either! lol

  • jheri says:

    which park are you guys at? i have been looking for a park with open fields and flowers for my 3 year old to run through! love your blog.. it is part of my daily read when i am at work 🙂

  • They are literally the cutest. The spidey hat and the flower smelling — too adorable!

  • nikki says:

    a handful of blessings– i love that! and true’s maxi dress is so cute!!


  • Holly says:

    What a gorgeous family you have. I was thinking the same thing you posted about as I looked at the pictures.. just stopping and enjoying the moment. These are the moments in 20 years you will look back upon and miss– no matter how chaotic it can be.

  • Simone says:

    Those girls are going to break some hearts <3

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