wondercon goodies

April 29, 2014

wonder-conwonder-conBen took the girls to WonderCon a couple weekends ago and it was their first time going to something like that. My girls are really into comics, especially Spider-Man, so they were so excited to be able to go. Of course, they dug up their costumes to get dressed up and they came home with plenty of pictures of other characters they took pictures with, and two people even asked Soul even they could take pictures with her!

Ben got each girl a little treat to commemorate their adventure that day, and each treat represented each character they were dressed as. Soul got this cute little Pinkie Pie by Funko, and True and Brave got these two little prints from the artist Christopher Lee. After they came home, Ben wished he picked up one he saw for me, so he called his cousin, who was still there, and he picked up the print for us. It’s this Kids on Modern Classics print by Christopher Lee. I love midcentury modern chairs (and have a few), so how funny (and sort of true) is this illustration.  This Master of the Universe Compendium poster is pretty great too, and I know the kids would love it because they love He-Man and She-Ra. We had fun looking Christopher Lee’s site and loving all his work (check it out here); his illustrations are just so cool and fun.  We love finding new artists to love and follow!

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