a plant and some chocolate make me feel better

May 23, 2014

sweet treat
sweet treatLast Friday, it was probably hormones, but I cried a little after the girls had made this mess, which was less than 24 hours later of me cleaning their room. I texted Ben that I was feeling frustrated (and crying), so later as the girls and I were eating lunch, we heard a jingle at the front door. This freaked me out because someone was trying to come in, but it ended up being Ben. He quickly opened the door, dropped down these goodies in the house, and took off back to work. It was such a sweet surprise and made me smile.

When I texted him earlier, he asked, “What would make it better?” I replied, “Chocolate cheesecake balls from the bakery.” I thought it was just a wishful kind of thing, but he made that happen. The plant was on my plant wish list and it’s cute that he even made time to run to a nursery to pick it up. And just because bloggers do strange things, I took a picture of it later that afternoon. I will look back at this picture one day and smile at my husband’s sweetness and how silly I was crying over a messy room.

I was thinking about it, and I wished I had a picture of what teenage Ruby’s bedroom looked like. So as frivolous as it is that bloggers take pictures of ridiculous things, I wished I took pictures of those small things of my life back then. Though I remember it so clearly, it would have been fun to show the girls a picture. They probably would have loved my bedroom. Early teenage Ruby’s bedroom was decked out with huge Lion King decals and a Lion King comforter, with all these Disney stuffed animals on my bed. I even had one of those ginormous Mickey Mouse phones in my room. It was a junior high graduation present and I loved it so much. I would spend countless hours talking to my friends and my high school boyfriend on that phone. I loved Disney so much (my dream was to be a Disney animator) and my room was decked out in it.

Then go to late teen Ruby’s bedroom, where I finally got my own room downstairs, and I had one of those Ikea tulle nets over my day bed. On the walls were my favorite movie posters: Titanic, Mrs. Winterbourne (Go Ricky Lake!), and I can’t remember the third one (I think it was Sense & Sensibility). I probably would still love Mrs. Winterbourne now, but Titanic was my favorite? Really, Ruby?! Late teens is also when I started falling in love with vintage furniture and my parents bought me my first piece, a vintage vanity table. I remember taking the movie posters down when I went to college and then I think I had shabby chic floral paintings up and some things I had created. Oh, and my parents had hunter green carpet, so you know it just really brought the room together. *wink*

Anyway, all this to say, I’m thankful for this digital age, where it’s cheap and easy to snap a picture for memory’s sake. It’s fun to celebrate and share the silly things in life. One day when the girls are grown, I’ll tell them stories of how their messy room made me cry and how Ben brought me a plant and dessert during his lunch break to make me feel better.

16 comments on “a plant and some chocolate make me feel better”

  • Lydia Larae says:

    That is so sweet that he brought you chocolates! I think crying over a messy room is totally reasonable, in that unreasonable kind of way that only busy mamas understand.

    I had to laugh about what you said about bloggers taking pictures of strange things. When I look through my photos from before and after I started blogging, i definitely notice that trend.

    • Rubyellen says:

      Right?! Bloggers take pictures of food, what’s in their bag, shoe shots, it’s all silly and kind of ridiculous, but good fun too.

  • nikki says:

    what a sweet gesture! and those treats sound amazing!!



  • lin says:

    Remember that haunted vanity?!!!

  • Misty says:

    Awwww, he’s a keeper! 😉

  • Hazel says:

    I can totally sympathise with this , I have a nearly two year old boy, and a 9 week old girl and today has definatley one if those days,; finally get the baby to sleep only for Charlie to tip his toy box all over waking her up. Then what can only be described as Nappygate happened, change one then the other only for them both to have another dirty nappy as soon as I finished.! Thank goodness for lunch time visits!

  • Kelley says:

    That sounds like something my husband would do too:) How sweet. Chocolate always makes me feel better. And don’t feel silly, sometimes life is overwhelming and we all need a little pick me up and kindness.

  • jen says:

    this is so sweet! i totally have those days too (like just yesterday!) and its so sweet when our hubbies do those little things to lift our spirits. being able to capture them and look back is one of the great things about blogging, love that!

  • Gina says:

    so thoughtful! what type of plant is that…i love it!

  • Tang says:

    The sweetest!!!

  • sgrmse. says:

    wonderful, wonderful post (‘:

    and it’s just made me want to keep on writing and never stop.. you’re wonderful, rubyellen.

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