loving: beci orpin’s home

September 3, 2014

fridge magnetsfridge magnetsfridge magnetsfridge magnetsfridge magnetsfridge magnetsI bought Beci Orpin’s book Home from Amazon when it came out several months back. I was just drawn to the cover, so I bought it. I love the color scheme of the book, it’s totally the color scheme I gravitate to, and the projects are just so fun and quirky. Really such an inspiring book! And though we have had it for awhile now, it’s just this past weekend that I handed it to the girls and said, “Pick a project.” They picked the fridge magnets and I love how their’s turned out. From order from the top to bottom: True’s, Brave’s, Glow’s (really done by True and Brave), and Soul’s.

fridge magnetsAnd there’s our fridge decked out in my daughters’ artwork… just the way I like it!


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