November 22, 2014

lunchtimeThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I love this post on choosing hospitality over entertaining.

I found a jacket similar to this at the thrift store, but it was just a tad too big. Darn.

I want to make this batch of peanut butter cookies.

This vintage bracelet is pretty, and actually looks more modern than vintage.

Thankful for some time this weekend to work on some of my December projects.

I’ve had hard parenting days lately and it seems the girls are going through a really defiant streak. Sometimes in these frustrating moments, it’s really hard to be thankful. Though little surprises like Ben bringing me milk tea, and my mom sending over some dessert, do make the hard days slightly sweeter (and manageable).

This week was light on posting because the days have been so hectic and I was coming up dry on what to share. I do plan to share some Christmas projects with you in the next couple weeks though, well, unless my already crazy life gets crazier. You just never know what life will throw at you…



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