marching in leopard boots

November 17, 2014

leopard bootsleopard bootsleopard bootsleopard bootsYup, I’m marching. Sometimes you have to do silly things when taking frivolous outfit pictures for a strange thing called a blog. Plus, wearing leopard boots just make me want to march. Or dance. Basically, I love them.

On Friday, I went to the doctor. Afterwards, I was able to quickly sneak in another visit to a thrift store nearby. I saw lots of good things, but there are some specific things I am looking for, so I passed up on all the pretty things I saw to stick to my list. One of the things on my list was a long black dress, so you can imagine my excitement at finding this one (and for 3 buckaroos!). I saw lots of vintage sweaters there, but it wasn’t on my list, so I resisted. That was tough for this vintage lover! Another thing on my list was a cozy sweater dress, which I did find too (for another $3). I have to alter it a bit to make it wearable, but that’s no big deal since I like altering clothes. I even found a little stocking stuffer for one of the girls.  Last week, was definitely a good thrifting week for me. *high-five*

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