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December 25, 2014

merrychristmasI’m terrible at sending Christmas cards. I never do. So does putting one online count?! Merry Christmas everyone!


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  • Emma says:

    I always love your family pictures, they are so full of life and joy!
    Merry Christmas and lots of love from Sweden 🙂

  • julie :) says:

    It sure does count! Love the photo and the interesting camera angle. Merry Christmas and thanks for the smiles, inspiration, spiritual encouragement and generosity you share through your pretty blog!! It’s always a treat when you post!

  • hope your christmas was wonderful! can you share about your and ben’s approach on santa in more detail sometime? 🙂

  • Totally counts! Thank you for the Christmas card Ruby! 😉

  • Leila says:

    Merry Christmas Ruby!! Hope you had a great one with the lovely family

  • mel jerusalem says:

    Hi Ruby -Thank you for all the time that you put into this blog. I can’t imagine all the hard work it takes to make it happen, but I (along with countless others) are thankful for it. I can always go to cakies for tried and true recipes. I appreciate your honest reviews of the things you create. I also enjoy watching the girls grow up and I learn a lot from your parenting. The girls have best-friends in the comfort of their own home. I enjoy your aesthetic. Most important – I love that you are unafraid to mention God through Jesus Christ on your blog, Matthew 10:32. May you have a Happy New Year.

  • nikki says:

    so cute! merry christmas!

    xx nikki

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