sewing time and heart switches

February 20, 2015

DSC_2842 copysome sewing timesome sewing timeSince we had Monday off, I got some sewing time in for myself this week. Then during the week, I was able to carve out more time here and there for some extra sewing projects. I made another dress, refashioned another thrift store one, and fix some other things that needed fixing (like my Singapore bag). It’s so relaxing for me to get sewing time in.

These past few weeks I have felt a switch in my heart (from the I’m over it kind of mentality to the it’s crazy but happy kind)  regarding parenting. It’s nothing I’ve done, but God just answering my prayers, and he has answered by giving me more joy. The girls are still a handful, and I still run around like a chicken with its head cut off, but we’ve all definitely been more joyful. So I guess, I’m running around like a joyful chicken with its head cut off. I’ll gladly take that.

I know the days are long and my time with them is short. In those hard moments, it’s hard to remember that though. I don’t want to take them and this time for granted. Right now is a special time, and I need (and want) to cherish this for as long as they’ll let me hold and mold their little hearts. In a blink of an eye, they’ll all be grown, and I’ll be wishing we could rewind to this chaotic time of our life. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine, but I know that will be true.


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  • Wanda Miller says:

    When I started following your blog I feel in love with it. First, I have a daughter who is now 15 time does fly. I truly think you would be the coolest person to hang with. I live in TN in a small community I have always done crafts but my mom passed 6 years ago this year and I think things stop for me its like a wall I can’t get thru also, I started working at Annies school when she was in the 3rd grade and I quit this year. I quit because I didn’t agree with the morals that some of the people and principal showed (mean people) anyway that also put me deeper in my shell. I am trying so hard to become me again and do things that make me happy. I so appreciate your blog and honesty. I so want a blog but don’t know really how to get it started. Just wanted to say thank you for your creative soul. Fondly, Wanda Miller maybe one day I will be blog famous and make some money to help with my family thru my crafts,

    • Rubyellen says:

      Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart too! I hope you’re able to find your mojo again, and my heart goes out to you regarding the loss of your mother. Ben’s father passed a year before we got married, and it’s was a tough one. The loss of a parent is just so difficult. You could never really prepare yourself for it. I say just have fun creating, pick a project and start. God is so good and uses simple things life to bring us joy and to remind us to have joy in Him.

  • Hi, Rubyellen! Thanks so much, as always, for sharing. I had emailed you before regarding hypnobirthing questions – belated thank you for responding! My beautiful son was born a month ago and we are so thankful for this precious gift from God! I ended up having a cesarean because he was still breech and my water had broken, although I was able to labor naturally and without medication with only my husband and doula present all the way until I was at 9cm. God’s grace, peace, and presence were so evident. Four weeks have flown by, although there have been some tears and challenging, tired, frustrating moments as I try not to doubt myself, be fearful of making mistakes, and to embrace the mommy instincts God’s given me. Many (now including you) have said the days are long and the years are short, and I definitely want to be present in each moment!

    • Rubyellen says:

      Praise God! You did wonderfully!!! Birth stories are always surprising and beautiful, even if it doesn’t go according to our plan, it doesn’t surprise God one bit. The beginning is like learning how to play a piece on the piano for the first time… you’re getting to know the notes and find the rhythm, but soon, it will all just flow naturally. You got this! Congratulations Courtney!!!

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