popbar at the anaheim packing house

April 7, 2015

pop barpop barpop barpop barpop barpop bar>pop barWe had too much fun indulging in lots of cold sweets over spring break. Forget the beach, we hit up all the local ice cream places. HA! Well, we do love the beach, but not SoCal traffic, so I rarely make it out there. Anyway, one of the places we had so much fun trying was the Popbar at the Anaheim Packing House. It was our first time there, and we met my BFF there for lunch (it was her first time too). We had some delicious Vietnamese food, and of course, ice cream for dessert.

Popbar is gelato ice cream on a stick, so it’s much creamier than your regular popsicle. I got the hazelnut bar, half dipped with milk chocolate and waffle cone. The other girls picked their own… True got strawberry sorbet dipped in milk chocolate, Soul got vanilla dipped in milk chocolate and waffle cone, Brave got a berry sorbetto dipped in white chocolate and waffle cone, and Glow wanted chocolate everything. After I had finished my bar, I declared that I could totally go for another, so since Linda wanted to try the pistachio, she went back to order that, and we shared (my BFF is the best!). I loved every bite of my popbar, and next time I want to try the peanut butter one.

Popbars aren’t easy to split in half, so each girl got her own. When you have to multiply everything by four, things just cost more (about $25 for 5 popbars). It was spring break though, so we went wild and everyone got one. It’s kind of pricey that way, but it was totally worth it to let everyone enjoy their popbars in peace. #illalwayssayyestoicecream


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