May 2, 2015

i love this hint of pink.This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I guess I have been feeling off this week, or so Ben tells me. I apparently have been crankier towards him than normal. I think I’m feeling kind on anxious for True and the standardized testing she has to do next week. I’m not a fan because I don’t feel they really measure what kids know and don’t like the pressure to teach to the test. Thankfully, we don’t have to do that, but I would still like to make sure she is equipped to go through it.

I love this black straw hat and admiring these shoes.

I told Ben this would be a cool garden cage to make.

This looks like a fun project to do with the girls!

Our contractor finished our bathrooms, but now the fun really starts with decorating. I do still have to figure out the light fixture for one still, but all the hard stuff is done. Whew!

It’s May and that means my baby sister comes home in 23 days!!! I’m so excited!!! I miss her so much!!! Thankfully, she’s had access to wi-fi the last few months, so we’ve been texting all the time, but it’s still not the same. I can’t wait to plan sister hang outs again! My sister did text me about some news of another squad that’s on the world race that has had to go through some difficult circumstances. During their fifth month, and in India, a group of them were in a car with some locals that flipped. They were all injured, but one girl ended up severing her spine and was told she would no longer be able to walk. I read this post that one of the squad leaders wrote and I just weeped. I weeped for the pain they are experiencing, the joy God is giving them, and how it rebuked my self-centered and doubting heart. Dusty wrote this, “He knew what He was doing when he assembled and called us together though. God never says, “Oops.” His plans are perfect, and His ways are so much higher than any of our ways. I don’t understand it, and probably never will till I see Heaven one day, but that’s ok. That’s why we follow Jesus and have hope in a better tomorrow. This faith wasn’t built on the seen and tangible, but rather on the unseen and hoped for.”

I also read this post, “God is Greater Than Google,” and what another rebuke to my heart! I need to be slower to my phone and quicker to my knees!

I’m so thankful for friends. We all need people in our lives! I’m thankful for old friends and for new ones. I’m so glad I don’t have to navigate this tragic and beautiful world alone.

Happy weekend friends! Thank you for the time you check in here!

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