June 13, 2015

This picture may just look like peaches, but it is really a picture of grace. I'm thankful for neighbors who lovingly share their backyard bounty with is. They don't have to, but I'm humbled by their generosity. It encourages me to be intentional and gracThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

We survived another year of homeschooling… hooray!

We got more steel I-beams put into the backyard this week and I’m really excited to see all our garden plans come together.

Can’t wait to tackle the next thing on our garden to-do list… put pea gravel in. I want to set up a little area like this on the side where the pea gravel will go.

I ordered these lace-up sandals, but couldn’t decide which color, so I ordered all 3 colors to try on. The problem is I love the sandal and all 3 colors! Now, I’m trying to decide which one to keep.

I’m in the mood to make baked chocolate cake doughnuts.

I want to buy some black linen fabric and make an easy dress like this.

The weekender bag I’ve used since college (and traveled throughout Europe with me), finally bit the dust and now I’m looking for a replacement. I like this one for its price point, but I love this one.

“When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned,” was a post my heart needed to hear.

When our neighbor dropped of these peaches, it reminded me of how much more intentional and grace giving I ought to be, and I can do so because grace was first given to me through the cross of Jesus.

Happy weekend friends!

3 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Ashley says:

    I looking forward to working in a garden when my husband and I finally get a place of our own!

  • Amy says:

    PLEASE PLEASE splurge on the weekender bag that you really love. I think it will hold up better than the bando one. No offense to them, I just bought one of their agendas! Anyway, the pricier one is much more your style and I hope you buy it 🙂 🙂

  • CC says:

    Love that dress. I actually have one similar to it from Banana Republic. Only complaint is that it’s polyester. -_- Linen would be amazing!

    And I agree with the above poster on splurging and getting the weekender you will truly love.

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