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July 14, 2015

summer adventuressummer adventuressummer adventuressummer adventuressummer adventuressummer adventuresThe big girls have been gone almost 3 weeks now and we are all missing them a heck of a whole lot. It’s totally strange with just two here. The time has been good though… good for them to be able to make memories with their grandma, and wonderful for us to be able to give the youngest two more intentional time. These past few weeks, we’ve seen Soul show exhibit a stronger sense of responsibility and tenderness towards Glow. It’s interesting to see this transformation; it’s definitely an answered prayer. All four of them are always together, except the one day a week True and Brave go to school together, so it’s taken Soul and Glow some time to figure out how to navigate their days without their older sisters. There have been plenty of tea parties, Star Wars pretending, doll playing, and coloring.

As for me, I thought I would get more things done, but I feel like I’m not. I thought I would be blogging more, but that’s definitely not happening either. We do have their rooms cleaned and purged through, and both kid rooms got tiny makeovers. We have been adventuring out more because it’s easier to leave the house with two in tow instead of four. While I am thankful for this quieter season to enjoy my babies, I miss all the chaos of our family of six. We’ve have a few more weeks until we are reunited again, so until then, we will keep busy soaking up the summer fun with our littlest babies. That definitely means more trips to get ice cream, and no one’s going to be complaining about that.

on true: shirt, c/o zoe clothing. skirt, fab kids. sandals, c/o livie and luca. on brave: dress, homesewn (see here). sandals, c/o livie and luca. on soul: shirt, mightee kids. skirt, schoola. sandals c/o livie and luca. on glow: romper, c/o old navy. sandals, c/o livie and luca.


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