little ones sewing their own kimonos

April 21, 2016

As I was purging my closet last week, I came across these two scarves I was going to donate (scarves don’t get much use in SoCal). Then it dawned on me, these would would be perfect for another sewing lesson. We made it the same way I created my indigo kimono, and both were done with their re-purposed items within an hour.

This was True’s second article of clothing she created for herself, but this was Brave’s first. When she pressed the presser foot, she excitedly said, “Wooooo!” It was the sweetest thing. They’ve done hand-sewing, and bits of sewing on the machine here and there, but this is the first time for them to work on something from start to finish all by themselves. You could see the wonder in their eyes. I think the girls have been bitten by the sewing bug too!

I think it’s time to pick out some projects from my book to work on. We can take sewing together to a whole new level.

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