recycled art

September 13, 2016

Recycled Art
use cardboard from a shipping box as a canvas

Cardboard, cut to desired size

Give your child a piece of cardboard (the bigger, the better), along with a paintbrush and some paint, and have them go to town painting!

We needed a big piece of art over Soul and Glow’s dresser, and when I saw this scrap of cardboard from the box our new whiteboard came in, I knew that it would make a nice surface to paint on. Glow loves drawing, so she was commissioned to create this artwork (and we worked on this while the other girls were at school).

I only gave her one direction… draw something big. Thus, she proceeded to draw herself, then Soul, and continued on with her bear and Yoda. Then, she painted some shapes and put everything under a roof. Her last touch was to add a bridge on the bottom. Apparently, according to Glow, bridges in a house is the norm. I punched a hole on the top and hung it up! It’s quirky and cute, and it was just what their room needed. Kid art is always my fave, and they’re always proud to see their artwork displayed too.

When the big three came home from school, the first thing she did was show them what she made. Of course, her big sisters ooh-ed and ahh-ed over it, then asked when they would get to make one too.

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