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March 6, 2017

In Southern California, you can see bougainvillea in abundance. Lots of people use it in their landscaping; it looks so gorgeous cascading over walls. Our neighbor has it arched over their front door, and every time I go over, I love to look up and see the contrast between the hot pink florals and the blue sky. We used to have a couple bougainvillea plants in our backyard, but we took them out to put more fruit trees (Ben doesn’t like them because they’re sharp). One of the plants got transplanted to the front yard, but we haven’t really taken care of it, so it hasn’t grown much. These images have me wanting to nurse it back to life in hopes that it will grow over our front brick wall and spill over into the back. If we weren’t into fruit trees, I think I would love a backyard brick wall completely lined with bougainvillea.

image credits from top to bottom: greg fink, potsris (anyone know correct source for this?), tigmi trading, jessica comingore

4 comments on “bougainvillea inspiration”

  • Karla says:

    We got a Bougainvillea from a local nursery last year. I don’t remember which kind it was, but it was bright pink like the top photo. I thought it was GORGEOUS, though we were unsure how it would do because we live in the northeast. It did nicely outside while it was still warm, then we brought it inside and put it in a sunny window…and now it looks dead. I am so bummed and hope it just LOOKS dead and will eventually perk up. I had high hopes for it!

  • linda says:

    My mom had it in the backyard in the patio area… then I killed it.

  • Cait says:

    I think bougainvillea is GORGEOUS. I love it. It grew all over in Dubai, sometimes part of city landscaping too. There was a pink one in my parents’ yard, but I don’t know if we really cared for it so it could thrive.

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