child craft: beaded snake bracelet

June 28, 2017

Beaded Snake Bracelet
adult supervision for little ones when crafting with small pieces

Chenille stems
Plastic beads

1. Hook two ends of 2 chenille stems together and twist. This joins two stems together to make a make really long one.

2. To create the snake tail, feed a few beads through the end of the stem, hook the last two inches, then go around the last bead and feed the stem through the beads. This secures the end and prevents the beads from falling out.

3. Fill your stem with beads to make the snake body. Stop adding beads with about 7 inches left to go on the stem.

4. Add about 12 more beads to create the snake head. Notice the pattern we used to give our snake “eyes” with the black beads.

Allow some small spacing between the beads in the snake body, so it can wrap nicely when wrapping around the wrist to make a snake bracelet. Create a small loop with the head and twist.

5. To fill in the snake head, fill in the remaining stem with some beads. Bring the remaining end through the center of the head, twist the stem around the front head of the snake, and add two more beads for the tongue. Lastly, have the last bit of stem wrap around the last bead, and feed the stem through the previous bead to secure the end. Essentially, repeating what you did for the other end of the snake.

The girls liked this craft so much they made two each! And now each wrist is adorned with a snake bracelet. Their snakes even have names! I believe one is Lavender Chai and another Blue River. I’m not sure what the other two are!

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