February 15, 2018

Simple and sweet describes how we celebrated yesterday’s love fest. The girls and I went to Ben’s work to leave him some banners on his desks, while he was out doing errands for lunch. Then, came home and baked strawberry cupcakes, watched a movie and the olympics. When Ben got home, he had a flower for each girl and a special love note for me with a hidden message. After, the girls did their homemade Valentine exchange (loads of notes and artwork). Also, True picked a Valentine pummelo from our garden and put a little message on it for the rest of the family. Of course, sometimes it’s nice to go out with a bang and a couple girls ended up fighting, I stepped in in a not so loving way (had to ask for forgiveness), Ben was frustrated with what they were fighting about, and so by the time Ben and I sat down to eat our dinner together (he picked up sushi), we were both exhausted and frustrated. Such is life sometimes, and I’m reminded about the hymn I’ve kept (attempted to keep) in my heart this past week, “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus… O for grace, to trust Him more.” My heart was cranky, but I need to remind myself those truths to give myself a hard reset. Even if it takes awhile for the reset to kick in. With all the sweet and frustrating, it was still a good love day.

3 comments on “OUR LOVE DAY 2018”

  • sounds like a beautifully imperfect love day! my heart desperately needs a reset too. do you have a recipe for the strawberry cupcakes and who made the rainbow hearts artwork? I wish my hubby would take the time to write me a love note too.

    • Rubyellen says:

      Ben made the rainbow hearts artwork. There’s a hidden message in it. Have you communicated your desire for a love note? Sometimes guys need a little nudging!

      • I have communicated my desire for a love note, but I think this time around (even belatedly) it just was not possible for hubby for various reasons (including being especially busy at work and being sick with a cough for 3 weeks counting…)

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