Advertising together is a great way to get your blog or shop out there. Cakies is a lifestyle blog and I love to talk about family, crafting, style, home, eating healthy food, and lovely old things. Basically, anything that has to do with enjoying life.

If you are interested in purchasing a 150×300 or 150×150 ad on Cakies please email me a little bit about your company and website to receive a press kit.

Also, Cakies is represented by Federated Media, so for those interested in my large networks ads or sponsored posts please contact Federated Media directly.

Cakies has been featured on a variety of sites of sites on the web, which include Cookie Magazine’s Nesting blog, Free People blog, Ohdeeoh, Design for Mankind and Crafty Crow just to name a few (see here for a full list). I have also had the privilege of being in print through Artful Blogging, GreenCraft, Stuffed, and Mingle with a couple more due out later this year.

Disclosure: I value honesty and my readers, and am thankful for this opportunity to help provide for my family through what I do on my blog. I will on occasion work with brands and have sponsored posts, but I will make sure those posts still reflect me and the ebb and flow of this space. Any post that is sponsored will clearly state so in the post. Within a post or this space, there may be affiliate links, which means that I receive a commission should you make a purchase. This commission is not tapped on top of your cost, but paid by the advertiser. Also, any products which are gifted to Cakies for review is made clear with c/o (courtesy of). Any thoughts and opinions stated in a post will always be my own and are not influenced by the advertisers.

Thank you for following our journey thus far and I hope you continue to pop in to see what we are loving and doing these days!


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