soul’s breakfast birthday bash

I am just now getting around to sharing the little breakfast bash we had for Soul when she turned one about two months ago…

It was a chilly December morning, we had coffee and hot coco ready for those who would crawl out of bed early to help us celebrate. We had a cereal bar composed of colorful cereals of the sugary variety. Bacon, eggs, and potatoes were being cooked all morning long and were scooped up and eaten instantly. The best part of all was that guests could stuff their faces with fresh pancakes. They had three batters to choose from: red velvet, whole wheat, and buttermilk. There were toppings and syrups galore to add in or on their pancakes, which were made by the pancake making experts, my sisters (they actually had on the spot training). Everyone was cold at first, but all the yummy food and good company instantly warmed everyone up and it was the perfect way to celebrate our little Soul!
soul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bashsoul's birthday breakfast bash
And who needs a cake, when you can enjoy your own little stack of pancakes as everyone around you sings you your birthday song?!! I will gladly take a stack of pancakes over cake, anyday!
Soulie was a happy little girl that morning. She had on her mama-made dress (yes, I did end up sewing one) and she ate loads of pancakes. That little cakies kept stuffing and stuffing her face, along with her other baby friend who was there stuffing her belly with potatoes! Most of all, she was doted, hugged, and kissed all morning long. She is blessed with so many people who love and adore her! All blessings from God!!!
To online friends (and online friend’s mom) who sent vintage syrup jars my way… it added the sprinkles on the top for the party, thank you!!!
To BFF… haha, you said it! Love you!
To my mom who woke up at 4am with me to prepare and who slaved away in the kitchen all morning long… mom, you the best!!!
To my sisters who cooked… I got your back when you have kids (as long as you aren’t late next time)!!!
To our friends and family who came… we were so blessed by your big hearts and love for our daughter!!!
To our sweet Soulie… we will love you forever!!!

All photos were taken by Christian Cruz. check him out… he does cool things with a camera!
p.s. this post has got a lot of pictures, but there are even more here (thanks jenny!) and here.


75 Responses to “soul’s breakfast birthday bash”

  1. fairbrowned says:

    oh my goodness! this is the best birthday party EVER!

    btw, where did you find the syrup jars?

  2. Rubyellen says:

    fairbrowned and anyone else who will wonder: some vintage syrup jars were from antique malls that i scoured through every booth for, some from ebay, some from etsy, and some from online friends!

    the only batter i made from scratch was red velvet, the other two were ready made mixes. i ain't that crazy of a lady to make all three fresh, though i did originally want to, until i remembered… i have three kids! ha!

  3. melindakimbo says:

    and to the bff who came late, but still early with NO make up on! and who went syrup jar searching with you! :) I LOVE SOULIE!!!!!! i wanna eat her up! there's probably no other pix of her and other guests cuz i was hoggin her. I LOVE HER SO!

  4. So cute! Love the pic of Soul's eyes wide with amazement at her birthday stack~ :-)

  5. melindakimbo says:

    AND i think i was making that :O face in the picture cuz i was watching super brave gobble up her 1 millionth pancake!

  6. Judith.... says:

    Wat een leuke foto's!
    Ziet er gezellig uit. :)


  7. Laura Wynn says:

    aw! This is all soo magical, I looove it! What a perfect little party!

  8. Wish this was MY birthday party!

  9. KK says:

    awwwhhhh – happy belated birthday soul… i hear ya' about just getting around to posting… i've started doing “blast from the past wednesdays” just so I can have a reason to post stuff i should have posted a long time ago…!

    btw – i'll be 45 soon…just saying in case you want to take the birthday breakfast bash show on the road :-)

  10. Kristi says:

    your A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  11. Julie says:

    sooooo much fun!

  12. says:

    happy birthday little miss soul! she seriously couldn't be more beautiful. love her outfit. and your parent-daughter pic. and my oh my, the vintage details are enough to make my heart melt and my mouth water for red velvet pancakes this instant. so very well done!

  13. janis says:

    this is so absolutely perfect! i absolutely love it! i love the attention to details – so so wonderful!

    is this in your backyard? where did you get those string lights from? i can't find any little globe ones like that in canada, but i'm hoping to track down some for our wedding when i'm in the states next month. thanks so much!


  14. Bethany says:

    How fun is this? So cute! I'm thinking a pancake birthday party may have to on the horizon for one of my kiddos. Yum!

  15. Laura says:

    this is AWESOME

    will you adopt me?

  16. megan lane says:

    ohhh my gosh, you are WAY too cute!! these photos are fit for a magazine – stunning! and all the little details.. so perfectly arranged. i love this idea! this is definitely the best 1st birthday i've ever seen.

  17. HazelWea says:

    It's definitely one of the most creatively amazing baby birthdays I've ever seen! So wonderful!

  18. Rubyellen says:

    janis- yes, this is our backyard and the string lights are heavy duty commercialized outdoor ones that we ordered and had customized to the size we needed for our yard. i will need to find the link to the shop as we bought it so long ago!

  19. Anna says:

    Can I turn 1 again and have a pancake party at your house? :) Everything was perfect!

  20. Mandi says:

    Lovely party. Are the darling thank you's napkins that you sewed on? Love them!!

  21. RachelDenbow says:

    another fantastic way to celebrate your family in such a beautiful way!!! Love it!!

  22. Cedar says:

    What a wonderful celebration! I want to throw a breakfast party now!!

  23. alix says:

    um LADY. This is by far one of the most creative, coolest ideas EVER!!!! It looks amazing. I'm dyin' over here!!!!!!!

  24. Meaghan says:

    this is the cutest little party!!!!!!! how creative!!!! i'm gonna have to steal ;) xoxo

  25. oh this is the sweetest party I've ever seen! So very creative..makes me want to have a breakfast party now! all the details are so perfect!
    oh! so lovely

  26. xoxojustine says:

    what a great party idea!! LOVE IT SO MUCH. who knew you could throw a birthday bash for breakfast? you pulled it off so perfectly :)

  27. Susan says:

    this reminds me of the rainbow pancakes birthday cakes i made for my little ones for their last birthdays. my little andrew still remembers it as being his most favorite birthday cake ever – “even better than cupcakes”, he says :) and aren't those little bacon and eggs treats the cutest things??? so easy to make! monica is a genius, seriously.

    ruby, i'm glad that your party went so well. happy first birthday (very belated) to your little soul. what a precious girl she is.

  28. Rubyellen says:

    the link to where i first learned of pretzel bacon and eggs:

    in case anyone was interested!

  29. Nikki says:

    what a wonderful party. i want to be in your family so i can come to a fun party like this.

  30. abi Porter says:

    oh my goodness!! this is so perfect. i want to do one asap. must find an excuse.

  31. jozen says:

    what a fabulous birthday!!! we have a pajama theme bday for our little pia every year and we serve traditional philippine breakfast… so yummy!!!

  32. Cindy B says:

    Found your blog through Becky Higgins….LOVE this party idea, especially all of the vintage touches! So amazing! May I ask where you got the cereal and pancake banners? (or at the least the lettering?)Thanks!
    Great job…what a lucky little girl to have such a creative mommy!

  33. IONGI FAMILY says:

    What a gr8 idea!! love it and thanks for the recipe for the red velvet pancakes just in time for Valentines day =)

  34. Lileigh says:

    what an adorable idea!

  35. mom78968400 says:

    what a stinkin' cute idea. Love it. Love it. Love it! Your little miss is beautiful!

  36. Michele says:

    i love it love it love it.
    my next birthday party will be a breakfast for sure!
    so pretty and yummy!


  37. I want my next birthday to be like this!! Seriously Ruby– over all these years of doing the most creative birthday parties I've ever seen for your girls, WHY hasn't anyone approached you about doing a book on parties??? Publishers are missing out big time!!!

  38. What a very fun party. I love your eye for good design. What a lucky little birthday girl to have such a great party.
    I hope you don't mind me linking. Let me know if you do.

  39. BeccaG says:

    such a cute bday party! and i love the recycled pallet seat things.
    i saw you like to doodle with your kids. I do too :) and you can link up your doodles with us at

  40. Brenda says:

    Such a cute birthday party!

  41. Kat says:

    This is the best birthday party idea I have ever seen!

  42. I love everything about this! Going to put it up on my pintrest board


  43. Misha Lulu says:

    gorgeous party and tell Christian he is aweeeewooome!

  44. Erin says:

    Such a beautiful beautiful post! I cannot get over what a beautiful, magical, and lovely party this must have been! What a wonderful idea… a breakfast party!

  45. gwen says:

    you are such an inspiration!
    please please do a post on your favorite thrift stores!

  46. stephanie says:

    ruby!! this is too cute! you did a great job :)

  47. this is the funnest thing every! i love everything about it.

  48. Jam says:

    I constantly look at party and decor blogs and this is seriously the cutest party I have ever seen! I love love love it! The funny part is just last night I was telling my husband if we were rich I'd have a pantry for just cereal and I'd keep them in colorful jars like a candy store. Then I stumbled upon your post… genius!

  49. seriously. cutest party ever!

  50. Susan says:

    I'm sorry for assuming you found the idea from Monica :( I'd only ever heard of/seen it there, so… ANYWAY. It's an awesome little fun treat and I'm glad to see it used for such a great little party.

    Love, Susan

  51. What a sweet, beautiful, brilliant party! We've had breakfast for dinner birthday celebrations before, but I think a breakfast/brunch party is in our future this summer. I love your patio and styling as well. Those pallet bench things are so cool!

  52. Heather S. says:

    Can you source your patio umbrellas? I love them!

  53. yay! I finally get to see pictures of how the day was captured (btw-Christian, you are AMAZING!).

    Every little detail was so well thought out…if only I had an ounce of your creativity! Such cute ideas and it was gorgeous! My girls were in love with it all, and just so very excited to be reunited with their friends again :)

    I agree with an earlier comment that you need to get a book out. You're parties are always so very special, unique, and filled with much love.

    You Bratcher's have a blessed weekend!

  54. La Dinette says:

    Okay, i just can't breath now…i love it, breakfast are actually my favourite meal ever. how come everything you do turns out so fabulous! You know i have two little girls too, my husband wants a third one, i'm kinda scared, but it gives me so much strenght and confidence wheni i see you.
    Thabk you for sharing!

  55. Wow this is such a great idea. Beautiful photos and fun food. I love breakfast so this makes me pretty excited!
    We will be in touch soon .


  56. so adorable! i've been looking for one of these umbrellas! where did you get yours?

  57. sugarmouse says:

    such a wonderful party! i love the yellow balloons :D :D everybody looks like they had fun and soul looks sho cute in her lil outfit :D happy (belated) birthday, soul ♥♥

  58. Chickything says:

    oh my what a perfect pretty party! I wish I was invited!

  59. Becky says:

    What a fantastic party idea! So lucky to have a great photographer to capture it all for you, so you can just enjoy the event!

  60. morgandkim says:

    is that a digital harinezumi your using??
    ive never known anyone else to have one.

  61. new blog follower, beyond love!

  62. { L } says:

    Wow! I am in awe. This is just gorgeous. I love your colors. Everything is amazing. The pancake batter choices sound so fun. I have a question for you: Where did you find the cereal banner? I am interested in having a banner made similar to that. Thank you for your help. <3

  63. Kami says:

    New follower! I love this party and the Vintage look! Great job! So original!! My favorite is the stacked pancake cake with the candle on top!!! Beautiful!
    I'm featuring it on my blog today!

  64. livelovely says:

    hi Ruby! I've been reading your blog(s) for a couple years now! and this is my first post since I've decided to officaly enter the blog world. I love all your creative ideas and what do you with and for your family! My daughter is turning 6 and since her favorite place is IHOP, we are having a “brunch” party too and I've got some great ideas from you. Just wanted to say thanks, keep doing what you're doing and good luck with the fourth pregnancy. You rock.

  65. what a lovely birthday. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your beautiful blog.

  66. dani says:

    i just discovered your blog an absolutely love it – what a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY PARTY! Thanks for sharing, your photos are truly inspiring! : )

  67. Jeanee says:

    LOVE this birthday cake. I'm going to make it for my husband's bday this year.

    I posted it on my blog:

    Your fam is super cute too!


  68. Shugro says:

    Thank you so much for designing this amazing party. I am just starting to plan my first daughter's first birthday party and I knew I wanted to do a “vintage first birthday breakfast bash,” so I googled exactly that for ideas and found YOU! It's crazy how similar our taste is. It's divine, actually. =)
    you have given me so many ideas. i'll be sure to credit you for the inspiration because you've seriously helped me so so so so much. god bless you!!!

  69. Natalie says:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration! Such a lovely first birthday. Love the vintage feel. I will def. be incorporating your breakfast theme into my daughters little red riding hood theme first birthday in October! :)


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