May 19, 2012

Meet Crystal Lewis. This sponsor comes with a bit of a story. See one night as I was reading through my instagram comments (@rubyellenbratcher), I noticed one name that stood out to me. Crystal Lewis. I thought that was interesting considering that growing up I have always loved famed christian artist Crystal Lewis. I thought it was a funny coincidence. I did more snooping to find out about this commenter and lo and behold it was the real Crystal Lewis. In the local church I grew up in, her songs were probably the most often sung as a special number and every girl wanted to sing like her. Once I realized that it was the Crystal Lewis who left the comment, then I went to her blog and saw that I was one of the blogs she read, I pretty much peed in my pants. I still remember being in the nosebleed section of Angel’s stadium and watching her sing. Mind you it was 12:30 in the morning when I made this discovery and Ben was asleep, so I called my parents’ house to tell them of my news. I knew they’d be awake. They’re party animals. They were just as pee in your pants excited about it as I was. What did I do after that?! Well you betcha I twittered her and emailed her some crazed fan email! Seriously. I love Crystal Lewis!
Crystal Lewis is an amazing singer and godly woman. I love her blog for its encouragement and honesty and how she constantly points me to Christ. She is also a homeschooling mama of two (well, only one now), raise two godly children (this one sings too), and she obviously has much more wisdom than me, so I definitely look up to her. In this time of a gazillion and bazillion blogs about a gazillion and bazillion things, I am happy to have hers as one that has a good mix of life, love, and encouragement. Take a gander through the Crystal Lewis blog and I am sure you will agree…

Anyone else grow up listening to Crystal Lewis?

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10 comments on “SPONSOR WELCOME”

  • Melissa says:

    I may be a little late commenting on this, but I must say that I LOVE Crystal Lewis too! I sang her version of Amazing Grace in the Miss Alabama Pageant in 2001 (nerd alert… i know). Anyway, I'm glad to know she has a blog. Thanks for sharing!

  • audrey says:

    I definitely was a Crystal Lewis fan growing up!! Had the cd's, went to the concerts, watched her on Roundhouse (anyone else remember that?!), she even sang at my church when I was little. Crazy. I clicked on this post from bloglovin curious to see if it was about the same Crystal Lewis. Looking forward to reading her blog too!

  • If you grew up listening to Christian music how could you not be a fan?!?! What a very cool story.

  • Melissa says:

    No way! Very cool.
    My husband and I went to one of her concerts I think on our second date. I must admit, though, that I didn't pay much attention to the singing that night…I had huge butterflies swirling around by belly, head and heart.
    I do love her music though.

  • That's so funny, because a few weeks ago I noticed that crystal lewis commented on your instagram and I thought… “crystal lewis knows them?” I only noticed because some friends of mine just helped izziray with her album so i'm used to seeing her comments on their instagram. anyway, small world and funny that i now have the back story since I was wondering about it…

    i listened to her growing up, too. 🙂

  • jade says:

    Ruby..this is such a crazy story!!!! Yes, I loved Crystal Lewis. I can't wait to hop on over to her blog after this comment.
    That's pretty cool. Fun stuff!

  • Linda Park says:

    i'm a big time fan. just listened to her version of HOW GREAT THOU ART while getting work done after school!

  • Ren says:

    um hello that white girl can sing! i loved (still love) her! that is so great she is a sponsor, can't wait to check out her blog!

  • Priscila says:

    Ruby! I follow you on Instagram and one day I say a comment from her to you, and I almost pee my pants too! haha! I follow her now, and tecnology today is amazing. Who would've thought THE Crystal Lewis would be showing us her beautiful pictures of her family, nature and horses?!
    you are both great examples of the kind of woman I want to be.
    -Pri- your fan from all the way down here in Costa Rica. 🙂

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